Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh, Monday

I am really not a fan of waking up to snow...only when I am in the mountains for snow skiing do I enjoy snow. In Oklahoma, where we had that blizzard last year and I was snowed in for a few days...I do not enjoy snow. 
Maybe if I got a snow day and could stay home, I might enjoy it more. 

I'm just a summer girl, though...I hope all you winter people enjoyed your snow day...and I guess I can't really complain because we have had a great winter, I mean...this really is the first "wintery" day we have I'll stop complaining now.

Let me tell you about my oh so exciting was spent...doing absolutely nothing...and I LOVED it.

I think everyone needs a weekend where they have no place to be at any certain time, just free to do whatever comes up or free to lay around in your comfies and watch movies and your dvr. Since I have been sick all week, I thought it would be best to just lay low and rest and get to feeling better.

It must have worked, because I feel 99.9% like myself. 

Being lazy allowed me to finish the Hunger Games series...and let me tell you, it was a little hard getting into the third book, Mocking jay, I was a little...actually a lot confused...but needless to say I am very happy with the ending. I won't give it away for all those who haven't read it yet, and if you haven't started the Hunger Games...OMG you totally should. I never got into Harry Potter or even the Twilight books, but this series is amazing. I can not wait for the movie. So excited!

427635_10150646708515479_638325478_11419184_1555660380_n.jpg (hunger games)

It's true. Reading the Hunger games really makes you think, that if for some reason you were sent in to a game where you had to fight until the death or if you were just dropped on an island or something and had to survive, I am not sure I could. I like to think I can...but I don't know really.

This tells me, that A. I need to get in good know in case I need to outrun some mutts B. Brush up on my archery skills C. Get my little brother to show me how to skin animals and such and D. make sure to have a cute boy as an ally.

So, now that I am done with that series...what are some great books to read? 

Saturday night, I opted for a night in with my sweats, ice cream and watched, "He's just not that into you" It was on TV and I felt I need a refresher on how not to be a crazy single girl.

Sunday, went to church...where we heard a great sermon on Love and relationships...which I will be blogging about maybe the spirit of Valentines was definitely something I needed to hear..funny how God does that.

So sad to hear about Whitney Houston...that is a voice that is one of a kind....I feel heartbroken for her daughter and mother. I was very touched by the opening of the Grammy's when LL Cool J said a prayer, loved how he chose to do that.

Adam Levine is seriously hott.

Enough said.

Blake Shelton...always love him and makes me sad about Glen Campbell...Alzheimer's is just so heartbreaking...glad to see him up there singing.

All in all, may weekend may have been quite boring...but I think it's just what the doctored order. Now, I will be well rested to see my future husband this weekend...Jake Owen.

Have a good day loves



KarmaKristin said...

I am about to start the Hunger games..I have heard wonderful things about it.
As soon as they said Snow for Oklahoma I was the first to predict Tulsa cancelling school, and sure enough .5 inches later I am here with 2 kids and not even enough snow to appease them with a snow man...I personally am a spring and fall girl...


Anonymous said...

Have you read "The Art of Racing In The Rain"? If you haven't, go get it. Now. Leave work and go buy it. It's excellent. As you have a couple of dog children, I know you will love that book.

Also, Sarah's Key was really good. And Rules of Civility.

Tiffany said...

I love these totally random blog posts that you do. It's like talking to you in real life. They are my fav.

Note: You are at 97 followers! Holla!! What are you going to do to celebrate 100??

~Miss Football

Carly Ann said...

I read the first Hunger Games book and now I'm itching for the other two! Too bad my sister loaned them to someone else so I have to wait!

Stephen said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog (again)... You haven't actually acquired a crazy stalker, promise. I just happen to actually enjoy blogs and seeing how other people live and see the world! In terms of book suggestions... My $0.02 would be to suggest Brian Greene's "Fabric of the Cosmos" (if you happen to be interested in quantum mechanics for beginners). Or some of George Orwell's less-read books, like Burmese Days or Homage to Catalonia. Or for something seriously funny, Grant Naylor's "Red Dwarf".

Hope this helps!

K said...

I'm about to start the third book in the Hunger Games series. Honestly, I was kinda confused by the ending of book #2, so if book #3 is even more confusing, I will end up thinking way too much. I love to read, and one time I didn't understand the ending of a book that was co-written by two of my favorite authors. So I ended up emailing both of them. I was surprised that they both actually responded. They did so, separately, and it turned out that they both had completely different interpretations :) So needless to say, I was still confused.

If you like chick lit, I recommend Meg Cabot. She wrote a series called the Heather Wells murder mysteries. Book #1 is called Size 12 Is Not Fat. It's very funny, about a former pop star who is a RA at a dorm who tries to solve mysteries. She also wrote a book called Every Boy's Got One, which is mostly written in the style of email communications and journal entries. Again, very funny. All her books are quick reads. She's the author who wrote The Princess Diaries.