Monday, April 11, 2011

Vegas Showgirls and stripper poles, just another weekend

Good Morning lovelies!

As I am writing this I am watching House Hunters on HGTV. I love this show, mainly because I love being able to look into people's lives and see what kind of houses they like and which ones they choose. Maybe this is me being nosey, but who doesn't want to know how people live, right? I realize this has nothing to do with what I am going to talk about, but I just had to mention it.

I discovered this weekend that I am meant to be a country music star. It's true. I have always wanted my own tour bus, I have the big, teased, blonde hair....only problem is. Singing. Small minor detail. However, I can seriously rock a mean Karaoke. This just might  my hidden talent. Karaoke Super Star. Friday night a friend and I rocked some Country Sing star. It's a karaoke game for the PlayStation. I have never been real good at sharing, this event was no different. Poor girl, barely got to play her own game. I channeled my inner Carrie and Miranda and rocked it.

I also may or may not have sprained my ankle dancing to the kinect. I now can dance to Snoop's "Drop it like it's hot" but my clumsy self somehow landed wrong on my ankle and that thing swelled up like a freakin balloon. It's better now, but I didn't get to run all weekend like I had planned. : ( Leave it to me to get injured playing a freakin video game.

In other news, Saturday was baby brothers last prom : ( We tried to take pictures, but you know how teenage boys are...they HATE pictures. Of course, he was probably thinking about how last year at prom my mom and I each took over a hundred pictures of him. He didn't really go for that this year. Please excuse the wind blown look in the pictures. It is Oklahoma after all, and windy days are inevitable.

Baby Bro and I

Mom and Baby Bro

Baby bros's friend Kade, Me and Baby Bro

It wouldn't be a prom with out Vegas showgirls right?? Mom, pay close attention to the costume, because I am going to need you to make this for me for Halloween. Thanks.

Last year, we snuck into his prom to take pictures, this year we snuck on to his party bus. Direct quote from my mom, " Hey sis, get on that stripper pole and I'll take a picture."

 I am surprised baby bro still talks to us. Haha.

Hope everyone has a great day today!



Our Family of Four said...

haha.. love it!

mom said...

that's because he loves me... I still laugh when i see the pole...

we should start sewing that outfit now so maybe it will be done for halloween :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Vegas showgirl Halloween costume idea. F-u-n. I also love the pretty white dress you're wearing in these pics. Super cute. And...I hope your ankle is okay. :(


Tiffany said...

Love the pictures. Your outfit is adorable!!