Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Good Morning loves!! Because I am sure everyone so wants to know what I am currently doing, reading, listening to, etc...I thought I would share.

Current book(s):
I should say that I am currently reading, "The Happiness Project" that Miss Football mailed to me, but sadly I am not. I have been crazy super duper busy with all things Relay for Life...however, this is coming to an end thank goodness on Friday. I shall get back to my regular scheduled programming of running and catching up on magazines that are piling up and books that Miss Football sends me.

Current play list:
Well, I am currently liking a variety of songs right now...they would be on my play list but somehow did not get transferred to my IPOD when I downloaded them...I experienced some technical difficulties...

But if they had made it on my IPOD, they would be:

Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee"...I seriously can not get enough of it right now
The Band Perry's "You lie"...favorite line..."I never liked the taste of crow, but baby I ate it." How true is that statement first of all..WE have all eaten some crow in our lifetime and it ain't pretty...glad someone put in a song.

Current color:'s springtime baby and the nails have been a pretty shade of pink

Current drink:
Just the best drink ever...Sonic's Strawberry Sparking Lemonade. If y'all do not have a Sonic...I feel bad for you.

Current food:
I'm not eating anything at the moment, but I could go for a subway sandwich.  That sounds so good right now for some reason

Current favorite show:
What I am about to say, you should in no way judge me for this. TV...ehh...make that reality TV is my WEAKNESS. I am not ashamed of it, really. It's ok. Here goes it...Housewives of OC, Housewives of NYC, Bethenny Ever After(love her btw), that new show Pregnancy in heels or something like that, Top Chef...I might as well just saw BRAVO. That would be easier. Army Wives,  The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family. I may or may not have a full DVR at all times.

Current wishlist:
A beach. Preferably with my favorite people. A swim up bar with my favorite drinks. A nice tan. And a Matthew McConaughey look-alike to sweep me off my feet.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Current needs:
See above for Current Wish.
Also, I am needing clothes...and money in my bank account to buy said clothes

Current triumphs:
Well, it was getting out and running...but I haven't done that in a week or so.

Current bane(s) of my existence:
Asshole guys. I. AM. OVER. THEM.

Current celebrity crush:
Matthew McConaughey

Current blessing:
My family and friends : )

Current indulgence:
Strawberry Sparkling Lemonade

Current outfit:
Work Clothes...

Current excitement:
Thinking about Girls Weekend in San Francisco...I am SO READY!!

Current mood:

Happy Wednesday y'all!



Brittany said...

I love strawberry limeades too!

Jenks Mom said...

So let me first say no way shape of form am I about to compare my summer time drink of choice to strawberry limeade from Sonic because they are awesome!!... BUT... since you are all about the working out and running as of late... here is a summertime suggestion for a healthy and inexpensive drink from Sonic... Route 66 Cherry Lemon Water... of first of all its only $0.27 the last time I checked... bonus! But it’s also much better for you! The key to the drink is to take the lid off and squeeze the lemons really good before you drink it! It gives you all the water you need, No pop (so… minus the sodium, carbs and calories in the sprite) and it’s just slightly flavored with fresh lemon and the only bad part is the cherry syrup... not a bad choice at all and I personally LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Our girls weekend in SF simply cannot get here fast enough.

Enjoyed your ramblings!


Tiffany said...

I wish we could fast forward to Girls know, except for the whole training part!