Monday, April 4, 2011

Lord help us...he's legal!

Today is my Baby Brother's 18th birthday. I can not even believe it. First, it doesn't seem possible for him to be 18 and graduating high school. Second, when did I get this old. Geez. Today I dedicate my post to the best present my parents have ever given me. I may not have asked for a baby brother, but I sure am glad I got one. I wouldn't trade anything in the entire world for him. I love him probably a little too much, if that is possible, I have never been more proud of him. He has grown up to be the best man. He loves his momma and sister more than anything, and for that I am truly blessed to call him my bubbas. I guess he loves that grumpy man we call dad too : )

I could have posted a hundred of pics of this kid, but I will only share a few...eventually he might read my blog and possibly hurt me, haha. When he was little, he would make me sing him a song or tell him a story before he went to bed. It's a good thing I have the worlds best imagination because this kid made me make-up stories of him and his horse at the time, gun smoke.  I would tell stories about how him and gun smoke were the greatest pair on earth, how they won every roping competition and received millions of awards and so forth. He loved it. I remind him of it now, and he just tells me, "Sister, how many times are you going to tell me this, I know." I just have to make sure he remembers how GREAT of a big sister I am. : )

Just a few pics of baby brother...

I need to stop myself with the pictures for your sanity and mine. I have already balled like a baby typing this up. Seriously, the day of his graduation I am going to need a sedative. Good Grief.

Happy 18th Birthday to my favorite boy with dimples! I love you so much bubbas!

Hope everyone has a great Monday. If you need me, I will be over in the corner crying like a baby.



Our Family of Four said...

Very sweet! I have a younger brother too and he makes me feel old growing up.

proud mom said...

i don't know what to say except this really made me cry....I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful and caring children. I don't know if they realize how proud i am of the person that have become/will become. i love you.

love the pics and yes, i think we will need a little something to get us through graduation. LOL.

i'm feeling a little old today :( but that's okay i can say i have loved every moment of raising my two kiddo's.

Anonymous said...

Aww I did good reading the blog, but after reading your moms comment I must admit I teared up! Your the best sister ever! Happy B-Day to your bro!