Monday, April 25, 2011

When it rains...I don't mind being lonely...

Hello loves! I'm baaack....did you miss me? I missed you. However, I did have a great time at my Nana and Papa's. Thank you for all your prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Papa is doing great, and his surgeon said that on a scale of one to ten...Papa did about a 9.5! Yay!!

Oh, Happy belated Easter too. Hope everyone had a great Easter. If you live in N.E. Oklahoma, or any part of Oklahoma for that matter, there probably wasn't much Easter egg hunting going on, as we were in an all day thunderstorm. I kinda liked it though, because we so badly needed the rain. Plus,I kinda like lazy Sundays, listening to it rain outside, you can take some pretty good naps in that kind of weather, which I did....that is after I got home and changed into some dry warm clothes. See...this blonde okie accidentally may have locked her keys in her car. Which was outside. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Pouring down rain. Yep...that would be me.

I am blessed to have some great men in my life in the form of my baby brother, my dad and Pepaw(not to be confused with Papa. Papa lives in Southern Oklahoma and is recovering from heart surgery) Just had to make that clear. Don't want the doctor coming to get me for keeping my Papa outside in the cold pouring rain...probably wouldn't be good for his recovery. Anyway, back to the ordeal. It looked like the three stooges and a little lady. That should be a movie. Kinda like "Three men and a little lady" Except, this would be one old man with hearing aids and huge glasses(which are super cute btw), a middle aged man who is getting more and more gray by the hour and a teenage boy...who of course knows it all and then me, the only genius one of the bunch. That's right, I did say genius. It really is true, people underestimate my genius capabilities. While they are walking back and forth to the storage shed trying to get a longer part of a fishing pole, debating on if they duck tape a welding rod to the bottom of the pole for extra weight, they are ignoring my request to just take the hanger and try and pull the lever instead of trying to hit the unlock button(which was clearly not working) Finally the old man with hearing aids and big glasses(Pepaw)listened to me and what happened. My car became unlocked.

Yep...I tried to tell them from the beginning, but no they wouldn't listen to my genius ways.

Of course, if I really was a genius...I probably wouldn't have locked my keys in my car in the first place. : )

I love those men for standing out in the pouring rain trying to help me.

Hope everyone has a great Monday and an even better week.

P.S. Please say a little prayer for my mom today. Thank you : )



Rach said...

So glad to hear that your Papa did great. Will be praying for your mom! This post reminds me of one of my fav songs, Keith Urban "Raining on Sunday" :)


California Pretty

mom said...

it was funny to watch them go back and forth to the shop to fix another fishing rod with something while i was setting pretty and dry in my truck. LOL