Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a few things I have learned

First things first...this weekend...has been BEAUTIFUL. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending some time in the outdoors thus far. I was in much need of some Vitamin D fo sho.

Just thought I would share a few thoughts from the weekend, per usual these are completely random  thoughts from yours truly.

I have learned that to keep up with a three year old, you need to be in the best shape of your life. Like I am talking Olympic marathoner shape. I tell you, I don't know how all you mom's out there do it. More power to ya. I spent most of my day yesterday with the cutest three year old I know, and there are only so many hiding places one can hide...if that says anything.

I have learned that my Dad is a secret bowler. I honestly don't think he goes to work. I think he bowls. We went bowling last night, and let me tell you, my Dad is not one to do activities unless it involves hunting/fishing or roping. This dude is a kick ass bowler. Who would have thought. Now, we really know what he does during the day. Secret bowling.

I have learned that running against the wind is no picnic. It's windy here in the 918...and this gal...she don't do running against the wind. No sir.

and the best thing that I have learned this weekend...drum that I am THE BEST bracket picker there is. That's right folks, I won my bracket. I realize the Madness isn't over just yet, but it doesn't matter...because I WON my bracket. HOLLA!!

Can you tell I am excited?

Oh and for winning, I get some good ol Swiss chocolate sent to me...straight from Switzerland. Oh Ya!

Now, everyone get out there and enjoy this beautiful's an order.


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mom said...

yes, i think dad is a closet bowler. LOL. He kicked our butts to say the least in some of the frames. Logan kicked at also. He almost got a "turkey". Yes, the males in the family out bowled all of us girls (Lyndse, DeeDee, Cheyanna, Kady and me.

enjoy the summer like day we are having today. It feels great...

see if he can send some chocolate without milk and eggs for me :)