Thursday, December 1, 2011


I think that when you are in the public eye, whether it's because you are a Kardashian or a professional athlete, you automatically become a role model to young kids. Like it or not, there will be young people out there who strive to be more like you.

There are probably young girls out there who may decide to plan an elaborate wedding that costs in the billions of dollars only to be married for 72 days...I mean, who knows.

Then there are other little kids that want to become a professional, basketball, baseball...dreams are being chased as we speak. I, for one, hope that someday when I have a little boy and he tells me he wants to become a pro football star, well, I hope he looks up to someone like Tim Tebow.

If you know anything about me by now, it's that I don't really follow sports. I only follow my OSU Cowboys and that is pretty much it. So, I really don't know a lot about Tim Tebow.

From what I do know, I like...a lot. I like his character, I like his morals and most of all I like the fact that in today's society when sometimes being a Christian and standing up for what you believe in is mocked he doesn't back down. He stands up for what he believes in. He defends his character and his decision and though it may be seen as a joke to some...this "Tebowing" pose...I like the fact that people are kneeling down in prayer form. Maybe one time one of those kids who are "Tebowing", will actually kneel down for a prayer.

I recently read his of pinterest of course

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All I have to say is...Amen...Tim Tebow...Amen.

Now...moving on to something that royally pisses me off. This weekend is Bedlam. The game everyone in the state of Oklahoma waits for. It's rivalry at it's best. Oklahoma State vs. the other school.

I am all for some good ol' fashion trash talk between the schools the week of Bedlam. It's expected. However, when some idiot posts ridiculous uncalled for bullsh*t like this on his twitter account...well, this is just low as low can be.


Are you kidding me?? Who does this...I don't care what school you root for, but this is just...I can't even think of words to describe this...that's how upset this makes me.

All I have to say is...mattlynch, I hope enjoy your little 15 minutes of fame, because in case you haven't school has an outlaw for a mascot...who carries a pistol.

Just sayin'


Tiffany said...

You realize that you just said you hope for a football playing little BOY, right? My heart is happy. :)

And that Matt character is a jackass. Love your line about our mascot having a pistol. Amen. I don't ever pray for a team to win a football game, but after that comment, I think praying for Matt's team to lose is justified.

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

WHO does that guy think he is? (Matt, not Tim) Reading that post makes me nauseous. That's not rivalry - it's completely inappropriate.


mom said...

what comes around goes around....

Jane said...

That is so tacky and I hope he completely regrets it.