Thursday, December 8, 2011

A night in

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That pretty much sums up my non-eventful night last night. I took a bubble bath, listened to some Michael Buble Christmas music and just because I had pink champagne in my fridge...I deemed it a special occasion.

I also watched Modern Family, Happy Endings and Revenge...and then called it a night.

Oh, the ever so exciting life of a single 20-something gal.

On another note...I saw this last night on pinterest...thinking about trying it. Glitter underneath the nail polish.

Anyone try this? Does it work? Any other great holiday nail inspirations I should know of?
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Have a great day lovelies!


Jodie said...

Sounds just like the evening I had. I had dinner with a friend and came home and watched those tv shows.

I love the nail picture... I'm going to try this tonight!!! You know me and glitter are like bff!!

Jenks Mom said...

I think it only works if you use a red that is kind of see through if you know what I mean?! My daughter and I tried the Newspaper nails we saw on Pinterest and it was SUPER CUTE!! The key to that is to use a very light nail polish first (we used a almost white pink color) and then to not only dip the nail in the rubbing alcohol but dip the little pieces of newspaper into the alcohol... good luck!!

Tiffany said...

Love the quote! :)

~Miss Football

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I saw those pretty nails on pininterest also... let us know if you try it!

New follower from Sweet Bef's blog. :)