Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Confessional

Hello, FRIDAY!

I am linking up today with the ever so lovely and beautiful Miss Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday...I just adore her blog and she has convinced me that I need a faux fur vest...I do, I really really do.

1. I confess that I have a shopping problem, but not in the normal "I have a shopping problem" way. I wasn't really aware I even had a problem...that is until my friends and family...mainly Miss Football and my mom notified me of this after my holiday spending spree, that when I buy people a present...I buy myself the same thing or something equivalent. Example. I ordered my mom some sweaters(she already knows, so I am not ruining the surprise) and then I ordered me the same sweaters in different colors. I bought an ornament for someone...I bought myself the same ornament. See a pattern here.

2. I confess that I don't really see a problem with buying me something too...I am after all a single women with no dependents. I think it's ok...besides I needed those sweaters. It's cold...and I can't go naked.

3.  I needed a new eyelash curler. My other one just wasn't cutting the mustard. Alas...I found the perfect one...and I confess that the only reason I bought this was because of the sparkle...

4. I confess that I ordered some ski pants online. They arrived yesterday...I was so excited...that is until I put the pants on and they don't freaking fit. Seriously, ski pants? Pants that are supposed to be bulky so you can wear layers under them...they don't fit me. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact I have been not eating very well and I haven't ran in like a week. I had to do the whole lay on the bed and zip them up..yes, embarrassing. Pray I lose some lbs or there could very well be some pant slitting on the slopes.

That is all I have to confess today ladies. OH, tomorrow is GOOOO POKES!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"It's cold...and I can't go naked." True that, my friend. We should never feel bad for buying clothes. Clothes are a necessity.


MOM said...

yes, you do have a shopping problem...
You buy one present for someone and then you buy yourself 2 to 3 depending on what colors they have.
I thought i was going pee my pants yesterday over the ski pants. sorry, sis :)

Hopefully you will not have a butt crack incident when you skiing. If you do, just be sure to wear cute longjohns and SUNSCREEN.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through A Blonde Ambition. So cute! Incidentally, I have the same shopping problem. :)

lori said...

stopping by from the confessional link up... your shopping problem is no big deal... i totally do that sometimes ;)