Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"FEARLESS is living in spite of those things that scare you to death...FEARLESS is getting back up and fighting for what you want, over and over again!" Taylor Swift

I know someone who is fearless. Actually I know a lot of people who are fearless. If you believe in Taylor Swift's definition of fearless...then fearless is having doubts, fearless is having fears.

Therefore, we are all fearless.

Today was a crazy day...like most days, actually most days for the last six weeks...thank goodness my boss comes back on Friday. I have gone non-stop today, going to both of our clinics, doing my actual paid work and then answering interview questions for my volunteer work.

I thought it was a rough day.

Just like that, God sends something or in this case, someone to knock me right back into reality.

One of the ladies who works next door, has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer...for the THIRD time. Every day I see her smiling like there is absolutely nothing going on, like she didn't just get back from having treatment, like she just isn't fighting every day. I would have never known that she was sick...had it not been for her hats and scarves she wears on her head that replaces the bright pink highlights she had just weeks ago.

She is the reason why I volunteer for Relay for Life. At least one of the many reasons. Today, I had to answer at least 20 or so in depth questions about Relay for Life, note to self...being co-chair is not all fun and games....I was getting frustrated with the lady at the paper who kept adding more and more questions, changing the deadline, everything. Here I am trying to do my actual job...the job I get paid for...but I can't because I am too busy doing my volunteer job.

Then I saw her. Just as I was griping about doing this and that, I was reminded as to why I do what I do. Why I volunteer, why I wanted to be co-chair. Why I LOVE Relay for Life. I have already seen someone I love go through cancer. It's not something I ever care to witness again.

Let's be honest, cancer sucks, it's not pretty, it's not easy, it's probably one of the most grueling, unimaginable, heart wrenching, FEARLESS thing a human being can go through.

See...she is fearless. Not because she is afraid of what could happen. She is fearless because she isn't going to let it happen. She isn't going to stop living. Fearless is living life...it might not be the life she is used to at the moment, but fearless is knowing that she will get her life back.

Her kind of FEARLESS is what I strive to be. If you want to know what courage, strength and faith look like...look at a person who is facing unbelievable odds, who is going through something no one wants to go through.




Delta Daisies said...

beautiful post...thank you...I needed this.

Tiffany said...

I love this blog and I love you!

~Miss Football