Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Everything I learned...I learned from Friends

I truly believe that everything that happens in life can be related to an episode of "Friends" and I have said this time and time again and finally someone was listening to me...because look what I found on pinterest.

Seriously, what did we do before pinterest...where did ANY idea ever come from??

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How much do I love "Friends"? Well, in college my apartment complex was on fire. The fire had engulfed the building right before my building and the fire men told me I got run upstairs real fast and get whatever I can. Along with pictures frames, my laptop, cap and gown...the first group of things I brought down included all ten seasons of my "Friends" DVDS.

If that is not loyalty, I do not know what is.

Team Aniston all the way!



Tiffany said...

So true. Love that I can tell you the story behign just about every.single.lesson above.

~Miss Football

Miranda said...

Love friends...my husband and i quote it on regular basis! actually on Christmas my mom asked if I had every episode memorized...We practically worn out all of our DVDS so last Christmas we got the box set! :)

Bethany said...

TOTALLY agree! My husband and I have a severe obsession with Jen [for two completely diff reasons.. haha].