Friday, September 9, 2011

My heros have always been COWBOYS

Yes, I'm an Oklahoma girl, so my hero's have always been cowboys...these three in particular...

Baby Brother



I wouldn't mind spending some time with these cowboys...

Oh hey George Strait..

but my heart will always be with these COWBOYS....


Don't you love our all Black uniforms...Love them!

Hope you not expecting me to explain what is going on in these pictures and give you highlights of last night's game...because I don't really are talking to the girl who at her first college football game asked where the yellow line is.

So, play by play of the game won't be coming from me.

However, I will say that my boys won over Arizona 37-14 and it's a GREAT day to be a COWBOY!!

Like I said, my hero's have ALWAYS been COWBOYS!!

Have a great Friday loves!




mom said...

Gotta love those cowboys....personally, i love the one by the white dodge with is cowboy hat on it :)

mom said...

oops and him also!!

Tiffany said...

Amen, sister! Love those cowboys----all of them! :)

And you could too do a play by play of the pictures. Try it out.

~Miss Football