Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boo the dog

Hey girls!

So, I might be the last one to know about this cute little fur ball obsession, aka known as Boo the dog.

Do y'all know what I am talking about?

I saw him on Good Morning America the other day and immediately went out and friended him on facebook.

I may have a new obsession.

Sorry, Pinterest.

This dog is so stinkin' adorable. I mean...I think so and apparently the rest of the world does too, because little ol' boo has over a million "Likes" on facebook.

Check him out ladies, he is quite the looker.

Here he is just chillin with his friend

boo the dog and buddy 150x150

How cute is he??

Boo the dog Hungry 150x150

You know, just getting ready for America's favorite past time

chicago cubs boo the dog 150x150

Joe Cool
boo the dog sunglasses 150x150

I can not get enough of this dog.

How can I make my dog's famous??

For more pictures on Boo the dog visit his website here!


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