Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Two's FINALLY Friday and it's FINALLY Fall...can I get an amen?!

I love summer, I really do...I am a summer girl...but good grief it was hot.

I am so thankful Fall is here and I hope it stays a long time(it usually doesn't here in Oklahoma)...I may love fall but I do not like winter. No thanks.

I have some fun fall bucket list so to speak, thanks to good ol' pinterest. What did I ever do with my time before Pinterest? I mean, really...where did I get ideas from?

I don't think I have done most things on this list in quite sometime, I love fall...and I feel as though I have not been using it to my advantage. I haven't gone to a pumpkin patch in forever, nor have I gone to an apple orchard. My mom and Nana and I used to go to this huge Arts and Crafts festival in Arkansas every fall break when I was a kid, we haven't gone in years. I think it's about time we do that again too.

Smore's...I can't think of that last time I had these tasty little treat...umm...pretty sure I need to make this happen.

I plan on decorating and carving pumpkins

Baking anything and everything that contains pumpkin...especially pumpkins pies

Thanksgiving dinner...Holla!! Can not wait to eat everything and lay around the rest of the day and not to forget watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it.

Side note-bucket list Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live in New York

I noticed one little Fall bucket list item is go on a date...hey, maybe that will happen too : )

Have a great day loves!



mom said...

yes, we love our summer...but fall is welcome this year after all the heat..not the snow/ice.

We will have so much fun in the pumpkin patch and picking apples. We might even post some of our picks and carvings. LOL.

Amber said...

Apple picking is my personal favorite, I love getting fresh and warm cider donuts!

Notice it says go on TWO dates! I'll send you some luck if you send me some. ;)

How pretty are the leaves on that pie?!

Brooke said...

How adorable! I just love your blog and your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Love the leaf crust on the pie! What a great idea.... Happy Autumn!


Raven said...

yes for fall! smores! pumpkins, cool weather, hopefully snow?? Can't wait!