Monday, March 14, 2011

What's a Spring Break?

Spring break, huh?? What's that...oh, its when young ones get a week off from life...must be nice to be young and free and to be able to frolic around. Oh, to be in College again, where Spring Break meant going to Mexico and getting hammered drunk and flirting dirty with some hotties from the Jersey Shore. Those were the days...except those days never happened to me.

Nope, I never partied hard, drank to much tequila(well I have done that just not on spring break), or danced with some dudes who looked liked they were the Situation's long lost twin brother.

And I probably never will. Tear. See, I am old now...way beyond my prime of Spring Breakness, I mean, little brother was talking about how he wants to take a trip for Spring Break. I told him I would be his chaperon if he did. He didn't quite go for that. Go figure.

Do I regret not having a typical college Spring Break? Nope, not really. The majority of my Spring Breaks were spent visiting my Nana and Papa. And let me tell you, those two know how to party hardy. I don't know how many nights those two out lasted me. We would stay up playing dominos into the wee hours of the morning, and those two...they play dirty. I am not saying they cheat...but lets just say, they some how always got the better domino's. Just saying.

Who doesn't want to go to a place where you can sleep on a bed, that you just sink into and forms to every bone in your body. It really is like sleeping on a cloud that is just floating in Heaven. You wake up to breakfast already being prepared for you...whatever you would like too. Lunch and dinner is also catered to your liking. Who doesn't want to spring break it there?

I don't get a Spring Break, but I am taking a few days off this week to go visit my favorite hot spot for SB. No, its not Cabo( although that sounds great right now), or's the place of Larry and Linda. I couldn't be more excited.

I get to relax, play some domino's, sleep in, eat yummy food, sleep in a cloud like bed...ahh...the life and most of all I get to spend some good QT time with my fav peeps. We will also be celebrating the birth of my Papa. He is a St. Patty's Day baby.

So, here's to the wild nights I have ahead of me this week. I better brush up on my domino playing skills. I will need it against these cheaters.

Happy Monday y'all!!




Anonymous said...

Have a great time!


mom said...

ahhh, the extra big king size bed..can't wait to get into that huge bed. Yes, we will all be sleeping in it together and still have lots of room.

sorry, that you don't have a spring break. Let me tell you, i will enjoy it (that is one of the perks for working at a university that gives staff off/or i will use my vacation hours for it off).

yes, i think i see a few drinks in our spring break too. It might not be on a beach (ahh, sounds great but not happening).

Anonymous said...

Have a blast at your Nana's and Papa's! You girls drink one for me :)