Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Basset love

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready I saw this video on the news. A basset dressed like Sherlock Holmes and thought, "I have got to see this!" So here it is folks...a basset running in slow motion dressed like Sherlock Holmes...I just about died, it is so cute

After seeing this it made me think of my own cute whiddle basset...Bentley Sue. Named after Dierks Bentley the country singer...not the car.

I went on a little road trip this last weekend and although she loves to travel, she is not very good at it. She whines...a lot. So, I left her with my Dad, poor thing...she probably didn't get any love or attention the whole time. So, today I dedicate this post to the life of Bentley Sue...my loving, slightly overweight, happy, lazy hound dog.

This would be Bentley doing what she does best...sleeping

Bentley Sue and her little doggie...she literally takes it every where with her. She loves her puppy.

Obviously Basset's are notorious for dressing up

The pillows were all piled up on the couch and she took it upon herself to take a nap...when in Rome...sleep on a stack of pillows.

Hope this pictures make your day brighter...it sure made mine : )

I love this dog!


Anonymous said...

Ooo, how adorable is she?? I love the one where she's sleeping with her head on the stack of pillows.


mom said...

after watching the video, bentley sue isn't over weight after all. She looks like the same size as this one.

Yes, she loves to go places, but she does whine while traveling unless she knows that she is going home or you have your body touching hers.

She is so sweet and a very lovable dog.

yes, she survived spending 4 nights with "pops". She seemed not to happy to see us when we finally got home.

Tiffany said...

Once again, Bentley Sue's attorney reminds you not to call her overweight on the blog. We will look into a legal action if this kind of defamation continues. :)

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

I just love her so much! This blog defiantly brightened my day and put a huge smile on my face!