Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want to talk about me

Kinda funny title for a blog, right? Because aren't blogs about you? All about you? Yes...they are, but I feel the need to share just some random little tidbits about moi. Information you probably don't care to know, or if your my mom...you already know and probably don't want to hear it,ha! I will feel better knowing that you--lovely people out in blog land-know just a few minor things about this blonde okie.

Lets get started shall we...

**I am 26 years old and my bday is August 26. I celebrate my birthday for a whole week...not just a day. Any and all presents will be accepted : )

**I have an 18 yr. old baby brother--almost 18- whom I whole heartily adore, probably a little too much. I get quite emotional just at the mentioned of him graduating. Not quite, actually, more like Niagara falls crying. Its bad. At his graduation someone should sedate me. Seriously.

**I love my momma. She is my bestest friend. That is all.

**I can touch my tongue to my nose...how's that for talent?

**I can not whistle. Like at all. This really, really bugs me.

**I could eat fried okra for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

**Matthew McConaughey is a gorgeous gorgeous man...I realize this has nothing to do with me, but I was just thinking of how incredibly pretty he is...sigh

**For my 21st birthday my momma and I got tattoos. In the same spot, but not the same tattoo.

**I am addicted to all types of Reality TV, Real Housewives of OC, NY, Jersey, Beverly Hills, Jersey Shore, Bachelor. I really should get a life.

**I have a dream of one day having my own miniature animal farm, i.e. mini horses, mini cows, mini donkeys, mini pigs, mini everything.

**I want to go skydiving...but I am so incredibly scared to.

**I love skiing/tubing at the lake, but I freak out if I am left in the water for too long. I don't want the fish or whatever is under the water to get me.

**There is such a thing as attacking fish. It happened to me this summer. I swear. I was attacked by like a hundred flying fish. I think I may have walked on water that day.

**For my birthday one year, my papa gave me two ponies...one was completely blind and the other one was seriously mean. I am thinking he must have gotten a buy one get one free kinda deal.

**I cut my own hair when I was a child. I gave myself a mullet. I am pretty sure, those are the ONLY pictures my mom took of me when I was little. Just of me and my mullet. Good Grief.

Me and my mullet

I think that is all for you need to know about me for now....more on me later : )

Have a great day loves!



Anonymous said...

1. I LOL'ed (literally) at the mental picture of the flying fish and how you walked on water.

2. Love the idea of the mini-animal farm! That will be so cute.

3. Learning a few things about you was really fun. :)


mom said...

my daughter is my best friend. I love you more than words can say.

flying fish does happen at the lake. We thought some guys were throwing this at us but no, little schools of fish were flying past our heads.

little stud pony was a mean little shit. LOL. thanks papa.

mullet--that was your own doing. Scissors and little hands don't go together.

yes, please don't remind me that my other best friend (Logan) is graduating in a few months. :(

Tiffany said...

OMG....the mullet picture made my whole day. And I seriously don't think I knew you had a tatoo! How did I miss that!?!


Jodie said...

OMG!!! I swear we have so much in common!!
I celebrate my birthday, with a whole month!! Haha!! I too can touch my tongue to my nose!! I can't whistle!! I love the Real Housewives... fill in the blank. I use to cut my hair when I was a kid... I always said... the devil made me do it!! lol!!! Loved the post!! :)

ty said...

This is so fun. If you weren't a fan of the stepbrother Oklahoma school, we could totally be twins :) juuuuuuust kidding! (but Boomer anyway!)

Rach said...

Loved getting to know more random facts about you! I can't whistle either and watch Real Housewives religiously :)