Friday, March 11, 2011

And I thought he would forget....

T.G.I.F...can I get an AMEN!!

This week actually flew by for me, for some reason...maybe it's the fact I was so sleep deprived on Monday, it just made the first of my week go by really fast. Whatever the reason, I am thankful it is Friday. I have absolutely no plans for the weekend...and I am perfectly content with that. Everyone needs a weekend where they can just sleep in if they want, go to the grocery store, work out, take something fun on the spur of the moment or just be lazy and drink some wine and watch some movies. A weekend like this is just what the doctor ordered and I plan to relish in it : )

On another note, you remember how baby brother and I have this dumb bet that I should have never agreed to...what was I thinking?? In case you don't remember or you are new to Le blog--shout out to my new followers--Holla!! Let me refresh your memory. My baby brother--who will be 18 in less than a month--wants so badly for me to be in a relationship. Does he care that much about my happiness? Maybe. Or does he need my focus to be on someone else, other than him? Probably.

The said bet that we made was that I need to be in a "relationship" I put that in quotes because I consider as long as I have a date; I will be good, by his graduation. May 20. If I am not, he gets to put me on a dating website. His choice and he puts all the information on there. Screwed? Yes, very much so.

I thought surely he would forget, he is a busy boy after all...prom is coming up, his birthday, he is dating a new girl, nope...he remembers. This is proof.

Text message between baby brother and I

BB: 11 weeks until
Me: Not funny...can we please re-think this?
BB: Nope not a chance
ME: Seriously
Me: Let's extend the deadline or something
BB: No, that's not in the contract
Me: Lucky for me we didn't sign a contract. So, it's negotiable
Me:Why don't you want to go to prom ( trying to change the didn't work)
BB: Oh, but its a verbal contract! and I really don't need your permission to put you on there, mom is on my side!
ME: I will get my attorney on this, you two are playing with fire. (bff Miss Football is a lawyer...too bad she practices in NM)
BB: She is out of her jurisdiction...hahaha( I honestly didn't think he realized that, he is a lot smarter than I give him credit for)
Me: Help me out a little, have faith in your sister that you won't need to put me on a dating website
BB: I do but only 11 weeks until it runs out
Me: Your stressing me out.  Find me a BF without the Internet. DO IT!
BB: I will look
Me: Ok, love you
BB: Love you too

And that folks is how it went down. He is relentless...determined to find his sister a man. In a way you gotta love him for it...but I really don't want to be put on a dating website under the control of an 18 year old boy. Lord please help me.



mom said...

LMAO on the conversation between you and him. He is one determined brother :).

Just think in years to come; you and him will look back at this bet and laugh your ass off.

Got to love the bets that you make with your brother.

Megan said...

Hahahaha, that is TOO funny!! Seems like y'all have such a great relationship!! That's too sweet!

Laura said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Sorry I'm just getting back to you, but our bedding is from Target - It's a comforter, but I'm pretty sure they still have the set!