Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rambling cat and Training Thursday

"She said you're a rambling man, you ain't never gonna change, you gotta gypsy soul to blame, and you were born for leavin." Zac Brown Band-Colder Weather

I never thought of myself as a cat person. I have this fear of being an "old cat lady", you know the ones that live alone, ya...some people have fear of spiders and snakes and heights...I fear being an old cat lady. Living alone with fifty or so cats. I definitely don't ever want to be one of those.

However, a funny thing has happened. I, apparently have adopted a cat. Yes, that's right. I have a cat. He has been showing up on my front porch. I say he, I don't really know what it is, but I refer to him as a he. I haven't really checked it out, if you know what I mean. Now, for the first couple of times he visited me (he sits in one of my chairs on my front porch) I ignored him. I know, I know..."how could I ignore a precious little animal?" Easy. I remember when I was little, my great Aunt Bessie, God rest her soul, would keep me during the day sometimes. I distinctively remember three things about her. 1. All she ever ate was Raisin Bran Cereal...which she made me eat. 2. She always, always had Braums candy and 3. I swear she had over 50 cats. Not her, neighborhood cats. She would cook hamburger meat and feed it to them. Everyday. If you were an alley cat, wouldn't you go to the house where you got fresh, cooked hamburger meat everyday? I sure would. So, my thought was, if I feed this cat, all his little alley cat buddies are going to just show up on my porch and then I am Aunt Bessie the sequel. No thank you. I love ya Aunt Bessie...but no.

Well, I gave in. That poor little thing, he obviously needed me. So, I started giving him some food. I even gave him a name. Miss football and I were talking and I told her I now have a cat and that I think he got hit by a car or something, because he's kinda crippled. She said, "Who is someone famous that walks with a limp, that we can name him after." For some reason, I said. "Tiny Tim." So, that's my cat's name Tiny Tim...TT for short.

TT...he hasn't been at my house in over 3 days. Sure enough, I decided to adopt a homeless cat, feed him, name him TT and then he disappears. He must be a man.

Miss Football said he's a rambling cat. Of all the cats in the world that show up on my front porch, he has to be a Gypsy.

Great news...TT is back. I gave him some food. I will make him a little nice bed, this way he can just come and go as he pleases. You can't make a gypsy stay if he doesn't want to.

On to Training...Progressive half marathon training that is. July 31st seems like a ways a way...but it will be here before I know it, and I want to be more than ready. So, my workout routine has stepped up a notch. Running everyday/weight training. I will get in shape even if it kills me...hopefully I will have killer toned arms, legs and abs after all this : )

I used to do the couch to 5K training, I stopped after I ran my first 5k last year. I love that program, it helped so much. I haven't really been an "avid" runner since that 5k, so I decided since it worked so well the first time, why not try it again. This way I can ease my way back into running. The weather has been crappy these last few days, so I am hoping that the nice weather that we are supposed to have come Friday and Saturday really happens and I am able to pound the pavement. I don't mind running on a treadmill...but there is something about being able to run in the outdoors.

If any of your runners out there, have some great training tips...I would appreciate it all : )



Anonymous said...

I love Tiny Tim. Even though I haven't met him yet. And I love that you are going to make a bed for him and give him a place to stay in his gypsy meanderings.

Good luck with the training! We've got lots of time to prepare, but best to get right on it...that's what I've been telling myself at least. Luckily Miss Football is a drill sergeant who makes me get off my lazy butt and run at least one day a week. (Don't tell her I said that I'm grateful.) :)


Jenks Mom said...

So the cat story made me LOL... Good luck on TT and remember when he disappears... don’t fret! He will be back... just like men... they always come crawling back when they want something...

mom said...

Jenks mom, LOL.

You need to take a pic of TT and post it. He/she is really cute.

I think my new hobby will be going for bike rides. I can't ride a horse since they are at the ranch. You can run beside me while i paddle my bike. If we one of us gets winded, we can both ride the bike. LMAO

Tiffany said...

First off, I knew she appreciated my drill sergeant ways! Last night she tried to whine her way out of it. No no....I shut that down and we ran a mile. :)

The line about how TT must be a man killed me. I was seriously laughing out loud on it. SO true!

You'll totally be ready for your 5K! And the best weekend ever!

~Drill Sergeant Miss Football