Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's Wednesday...I don't have anything really important to say...just a few ramblings

First things First...Elizabeth Taylor passed away today. How crazy is that? She was 79 years old...she died from Congestive Heart failure. Honestly, I am not sure I have seen any of her movies, I know she was a great movie star...this girl won 3 Oscars...but really what I remember her for is her 8 marriages or so and her perfume...White Diamonds.

May you rest in peace Elizabeth Taylor!
FILE - This 1961 file photo shows actress Elizabeth Taylor in the film 'Butterfield 8' in 1961. Publicist Sally Morrison says the actress died Wednesday, March 23, 2011 in Los Angeles of congestive heart failure at age 79. (AP Photo/File)

Have you ever heard of the National Geographic Channel? I didn't even know this channel existed...mainly because I am so consumed watching unimportant shows like everything that is on Bravo and the Jersey Shore. I really need to probably spend my time watching TV that is educational and not how to get my GTL on.

This last weekend, I was at my Nana and Papa's house, and my Papa-who never used to watch TV by the way, except for Wheel of Fortune and that was just so he could watch Vanna White-has become a regular couch potato these days and he watches about three channels. The Game Show network, RFD-TV(which is basically a channel for farmer/ranchers) and the National Geographic Channel. He also watches the shows on either loud or extremely loud...I can still here the ringing in my ears now.

One day we watched this show called My Life is a Zoo, on the National Geographic Channel. Let me tell you, it is my new favorite show(if only I got this channel) it is about a couple that literally have a zoo of animals in their backyard and they have people come and walk through like a regular zoo. We watched an episode where they just bought a baby hippopotamus. Seriously, y'all baby Hippo's are cute. I have officially decided that if I get 50,000 dollars, some extra land, and a pin big enough to hold a hippo...I am SO getting one. For reals.

Did anyone watch Sunday nights episode of RHW of OC? OMG...first off...I love that show, I love me some original OC housewives, but did anyone else think it was slightly distasteful to watch Tamara and her boyfriend play a little rub a dub dub in the tub...if you no what I mean. I know its "reality tv" but come one people, have some decency, right? 

On another note for the housewives...I love how Alexis brought 2 suitcases for each person...I do that...I am definitely an over-packer. Better to have to much than not at all, I always say. You just never know how the weather will be, if you are going to go out to a nice place or a casual have to have a suitcase for all make-up and hair products, one for shoes. A girl just has to be prepared : )

Well, thats enough of my rambles...Hope everyone has a great day : )


Jen said...
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Jen said...
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Jen said...

I love Tamra but geeze! Felt more like Cinemax than Bravo!

Jen said...

Sorry! I guess I should only push teh post button once...even if it is SLOW!

Anonymous said...

A baby hippo would be fun!