Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I am loving today

Here is what I am loving today on this Wednesday

I am loving that our Girls Weekend 2011 trip to San Fransisco has become official. We are all registered for the San Francisco Marathon on July 31st. I seriously have never been more excited. Not only are we going to be running, but we have so many fun and amazing things planned. We are going to go to Napa one day, drive up the west coast the next. We have done the typical touristy stuff before, this time it's all about embracing the good food and wine that San Fran has to offer. If any of y'all have some favorite places for us to a sister out, please : )

I am loving that "officially" signing up for the race, gives me no more excuses not to run or work out. It is so on. Holla!

I am loving this little boy...who has grown up to be a big boy. A big 18 year boy to be exact. This cutie is my baby brother who turns 18 on Monday. This was taken when he was about 4 I think, I had went to Glamor Shots and he got to come too...he just couldn't resist posing. Haha.

Here is handsome baby brother

I am loving that if he only knew I had put those pictures of him from his "model" days, up here on my blog...he would not be happy with me..bahahaha.

I am loving these running tops from Under Armour

Women's UA Belle Grove Tank

and this Skort from Under Armour
Women's Escape Knit Skort

What are y'all loving today, go visit and link up!

Happy Hump day loves



mom said...

LOL...i still love the pics...makes me sad and happy at the same time. He has grown up into a good looking man.

Yes, if he read your blog, he would be getting even with his "little sister".

Anonymous said...

Girls weekend 2011! Ohhhhh, we are going to have the best time EVER. Miss Football is making me run (gag) this evening in preparation.


Our Family of Four said...

hehe.. how sweet! Girls vacay.. sign me up!

Chelley N said...

I'm stopping by from Jamie's WILW link-up. "Red dirt girl" caught my eye because I'm an Okie, too! Great things you are loving today!

Tiffany said...

Miss Football is a good influence on Honey.....she will thank me for making her run in July! :) Love this running skort! Are you going to get one for the race? Kristin Armstrong wears them, or at least she did on the cover of her book.

~Miss Football

Kendall said...

Stopping by from WILW! Your lil brothers pictures crack me up!!!

Good luck on the race!!!

Kit said...

Great things that you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!