Monday, March 28, 2011

What really matters

Good we are with another Monday. It's a very cold and dreary day today. I woke up and it was 64 degrees in my house...I had to turn on the heater. What happened to all the spring like weather we were having? I guess maybe God didn't want the sun to come out today...I was going to blog about my weekend and how once again I am reminded that I am not 21 and therefore shouldn't act like one. However, when you get the chance to go out with your bestie and live it do so, sometimes a little too much. Fun times were had that is for sure. I was also going to blog about how having said fun times mixed with a few two many margaritas you tend to call/text people you really shouldn't and in that one second of tequila confusion/weakness you become that girl that just made a complete ass of herself.

Yep, I may or may not have been that girl. You not only wake up the next morning with the worst possible headache you have ever had  but you also have the feeling of, "OMG, did I really do what I think I did....crap!"

But then I got to work this morning and found out some very sad news; I realized that calling/texting a certain boy and making a fool myself, doesn't really even come close to the pain and suffering that people go through. That my embarrassment over something so just that. Embarrassment. I am also reminded that life is far too short and far too precious to let something so meaningless ruin your whole day.

My boss lost her aunt today from cancer. She fought to the very end. Having lost someone close to me from cancer, I can understand her loss. I never knew this lady, but I know she was loved and highly thought of. She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, and a friend. Please pray for the family today as they grieve for her loss.

No one should have to go through this, but people do. Cancer is everything I hate and more. I participate in Relay for Life, which is the main fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. I am on the committee and am the Survivorship chair. We have our events coming up in the next few weeks. I have gotten so caught up in trying to make everything "perfect" and presentable so that my survivor event will be the best one doesn't matter. What matters is that I remember why I relay. My boss's Aunt, along with my best friend, my great aunts and many more...they are the reason I do this. They are the reason I volunteer my time, they are the reason I relay. 

This is what matters.

Hope everyone has a blessed day today, and please keep my boss's family in your prayers.



Anonymous said...

The passion and devotion that you have for this cause is inspiring.

Your boss's family is in my prayers.


Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your boss' aunt. I'll be praying for them. I love that you've turned such a sad situation into something positive and inspiring by working with Relay. You, friend, are awesome!

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

I hate to read this terrible news. Please know that your boss and her family are defiantly in my prayers! Also, I agree with Tiffany I loved the way you turned this sad situation into something positive and inspiring!

FYI I to cannot party like a 21 year old again either! Last, next time I tell you I'm okay to drive home hit me in the face for being stupid!