Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter time staples

Let's talk make-up...preferably products I like to use in the winter time.

I don't know about y'all...but in the winter time I need a little extra TLC on my face, body and especially my lips.

My lips will get chapped whether the weather is 120 outside or 30's frustrating...let me tell you.

I do not know how many different chap sticks, lip balms, lip conditioners, everything lip related I have tried. From very cheap to pretty expensive.

Well, ladies have no fear because I am here to tell you the magic that I have found and it comes in the form of this...

It's called Sugar by Fresh. And it's hands down THE best lip treatment I have ever used. Seriously. I have been recommending this to all the other chapped lip ladies I know...and they love it's a little pricey for a chap stick..but I have the philosophy(which is probably why I need to be on a budget) that if it works and you like it...then it is SO worth the money!

Also, I picked up this little thing while at Sephora and I use it as a night to is just as AMAZING and here lately I've been using it during the day too and it's only 6 bucks!!

Rosebud Salve

I didn't know this, but it's also good for dry elbows and diaper rash...just learned those little diddy's from the website...guess it is true you learn something new everyday.

I love lotion. If you were to look in my bathroom, I would probably have at least 4 or 5 bottles sitting on the bathroom counter. I am a huge fan of Bath and Body. I never had tried this kind of lotion before, but my friend got it for me for Christmas and y' kidding, this is so good for your skin in the wintertime.

I tell you..I put it on right after the shower and my skin is like baby smooth soft. It's great.

It's their Body Butter...which makes sense because I imagine it feels the same as if you were to use real butter.

But I don't really want to try that.

Carried Away™ Body Butter - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Now, my hair gets all sorts of crazy in the winter time. It sometimes gets a little dry and dull and is all over the place. My favorite line of Shampoo's and Conditioner's are Redken. I swear by this brand.

For the winter time I like to use Redken's All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner.

All Soft Shampoo

It's great for taming those wild sometimes dry tresses in the winter time.

Now as far as face...I always always no matter if it's winter, spring, summer, fall...always use moisturizer.

I never put on make-up with out putting that on first, not only does it protect your skin and help keep you looking young but it's great at helping your make-up last longer through out the day.

I generally use MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15

Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15

Love this stuff...L.O.V.E.

If I am out of it, which I currently am, I use the generic version of Oil of Olay

This stuff has been around for years and if it was good enough for my great-grandma and if it's good enough for Carrie Underwood...then it's good enough for me!

Ok, so those are the products I like to use during the winter keep my skin looking fresh and hair from being frizzy...what products to you ladies use?



mom said...

Actually it was your Great Aunt Bessie that used it. She had over 300 bottles (real glass ones) when she moved in with Papa and Nana.

Jodie said...

For my birthday Sephora gave me a gift of the Sugar by Fresh. I've never heard of it until I saw the card about it. Reading about makes me want it NOW. Hurry, Sephora!!

I've never tried the MAC Studio Moisture... thanks for twisting my arm now to get it! ha! :)