Friday, January 27, 2012

A little bit of everything

I'm a procrastinator.

As in if you were to look up procrastinator in the dictionary..there I be, just twiddling my thumbs until the very last minute I need to get something done. I work best when I am stressed out to the max. My Relay For Life meetings...I go over stuff the day of, blogs...well, seeing how I haven't blogged since Wednesday...and something else I have been procrastinating on that is probably not something one should a toothache.

Yes, a toothache...and because of this little pain in my tooth, I now have to be referred to a specialist to get it fixed...who by the way, the one time I try and not procrastinate and I call them first thing this morning to hurry up and get in before, you know my tooth gets worse....they aren't freaking open.


Procrastination still wins even if I tried to stop it.

In other news, I have successfully entered my food this week...well excluding today because I haven't had lunch or dinner yet, but I am doing very well on entering all my food choices into myfitnesspal.

Go me!

I am however not doing very well on working out this week...between working late and meetings and going to bed at 8pm...yes, 8pm...I have been too exhausted to work out...after all I don't won't to be lifting some weights and then drop them on my foot because I fell asleep half way through the work out. What good would that do me?

I bought the new Jake Owen CD, well it's probably not new but new to me and I am in love. I mean, I love him as in he's gorgeous but I love literally every single song...especially this one.."Alone with you"

Can't wait to see him in concert in a couple of weeks...hope that collar bone heals up nicely Mr. Owen...because I expect to see you.

I have special assignment this weekend to watch the movie "Tangled"...I have never watched it and my friend is throwing her little girl ,who will be four, a tangled birthday party...and I have no idea what the heck she is talking about when she tells me we need to make this or that just like it is in the movie.

Therefore, tonight...I just might be watching Tangled.

So is the life of a single gal.

I apologize how all over the place this post is...but I haven't blogged in days and I feel as though these are very important things you people should know...ha!

Everyone have a great day and wonderful weekend!




Anonymous said...

Don't be dropping no weights on your poor feet!

And you'll love Tangled. It's so cute.


Cassie said...

Tangled is a really cute movie. We saw it in theater & now have it on DVD. It's on a repeat cycle with a few other movies :-/

Girl, I am with you on the procrastination thing. I put the P-R-O in it! It's awful. But not awful enough to do anything about it, haha.

Good job on the logging thing! I'm with MyFitnessPal, too and I love it. So much easier than some of the other programs. And it's free, too? Yes, ma'am ;-)

Happy Friday!!

Jodie said...

I have a toothache also!!! I need to go to the doctor about it... but I HATE going to the Dentist!! HATE!!

Have a fab weekend!!

Crystal Cattle said...

Here is to those those random days. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Tiffany said...

Your random posts are always my fav. Love it.

~Miss Football

Confessions of a Single Mommy said...

Tangled is so cute. I love your blog. I am a new follower. Check mine out; you may just want to follow back. Have a good weekend!


Stephen said...

I think you'll like Tangled. Hope so anyway. My two little daughters love it: it's one of those movies with one layer of jokes for kids and a whole other layer for their parents!