Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paranoid much?

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This quote really has nothing to do with this post today, like at all...but I just really love it and wanted to use it.

So, yesterday I posted this which I found off of pinterst

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and maybe me posting it made me more paranoid then normal...if that is at all possible...and maybe watching Criminal Minds right before I went to bed probably wasn't a very good idea...which led to me hearing "noises" outside...and quadruple locking every door and window and looking outside every window and walking up and down the house...all the while my ever so trust worthy basset was doing what all good hound dogs do...following me as I go crazy looking out all the windows and checking locks....

and because I wasn't paranoid led to me searching for these items that every paranoid, criminal minds watcher, obsessive door locker, must have...all while searching for these under the covers with the light on...because we all know that whoever is breaking in to your house...certainly won't get you while your "hidden" under your covers.

The fact that these are pink does not decrease the intimidation factor...not at all.

and even though I am quite the skeet shooter when I go with my brother and dad( intruders beware, I am a good shot)...I thought me having a pistol might be a little dangerous, so I searched for these instead.

Pink tasers...

Personal Security Products Pink 800,000 Volt Stun Stick Md: ZAPSTK800P

taser c2 metallic pink

Until then...know that I am armed with a ferocious basset hound...who takes no prisoners.



Jodie said...

I'm soooo there with being paranoid!! Funny story, my mom gave me a pink pepper spray for Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny to think about what was going on in the dog's head while you were quadruple locking the doors. "Ooo, what kind of game are we playing now?? This is fun. Let's get up every night and do this!"


Impulsive Addict said...

Yes, stop watching those shows before bed!! I would LOVE a pink taser!!

Britney said...

Ohhhh man, I think I need one of all of those :) I just got my first can of mace... think I might need to upgrade a bit!