Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am loving

It has been awhile since I have linked up with Jamie for What I love here we go...

I am loving that the weather for this weekend is going to be back in the this is my kind of January weather. Perfect to finally get my lazy butt outside and run!!

I am loving that I am getting my hair done this Saturday. I think I am wanting a change, but not sure what. For the winter I have done the low-lights and now with the nice weather and the fact I want it to be spring/summer so bad...I am thinking about putting all my blonde back in. What do you think??

Also, I need a new hairstyle...I want to keep the length, but I need something. Some bounce or whatever. Does your hair just ever get in the phase where no matter what you do, it just doesn't look good?

That's where my hair is at right now.

Ideas are welcome ladies.

I am loving that American Idol starts tonight!! My favorite part of American Idol are the auditions. 
I just don't understand if you know that your friend can not sing, why do you let them go on National TV and embarrass themselves??

I am loving some of my pinterest finds...

This is so true...I am a paranoid freak about time, my blinds were open and someone knocked on my door...I didn't want them to see I army crawled to the peephole. It's true. And I am not ashamed.

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75 healthy salad recipes

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And I am loving that Monday night I volunteered with one of the American Cancer Society's programs...that is funded by Relay For Life, it's called "Look Good...Feel Better!" was one of the most rewarding experiences I have done...and I can't wait to blog more about it.

What are you loving today??


Beth McC. said...

I cant wait for Idol!!! Is it sad that I am excited about it???? That salad looks YUM!

Anonymous said...

I like the peach and turquoise cominbation in the second outfit.

Happy Wednesday!


Tiffany said...

I'm freaking loving that tan dress in the first outfit----I need (NEED!) it. Where can I find it?!?

I also think your serial killer issues stem from too many Criminal Minds episodes....

~Miss Football

Jodie said...

Put all blonde in your hair!! I always want to change my hair in the winter for some reason!!

I can't wait for Idol auditions!!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

LOVE LOVE that last outfit!!

Michelle said...

Stopping in from WILW :)

I am rolling over laughing about your crawling across the floor story because I totally do the same thing. Or I run into the hallway, although I'm totally sure they see me!

And I say go for blonde - get ready for summer!