Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm a princess and this is my tiara

I realize I have had two tiara related posts in a row...obsessed much?

That would be yes.

I have been slacking on my posts as of late, posting late in the day, I am running out of ideas to blog about. Y'all have that...bloggers block? I need help, if you lovely ladies would like to know anything about me or my dogs or Oklahoma...or anything in particular...let me know.

Tell me what you would like to see more blogs about.

Make-up...because I do love make-up, hair...I do do a mean poof...snookie watch out.

You tell me and I will blog about it or try to blog about it.

So, this weekend I thought I would try and be a college kid again.

I failed.  How I ever stayed out late and still functioned properly at my job/school the next the heck out of me.

Friday night a bunch of us celebrated my friends bday at the Hard Rock not the one in Vegas(I wish) but the one here in good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's a lot of if any of y'all are passing through and are looking for a fun place, the Hard Rock is the place to go!

We danced, had drinks, laughed, I got kicked out of the club for trying to sneak past the bouncer. I mean, I should have known that after the first time of sneaking in, my luck was probably going to run out if I tried it again.

We had IHOP at 2 or 3 in the morning...not good for myfitnesspal...all and all it was a great time had by all.

And I was reminded of why I am 27 not 21 and can not do what I used to do.


Saturday afternoon I had my kick-off event for Relay For Life...I am very excited that this means that we are officially getting closer to the actual day of Relay which is in April.

Then Saturday night I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to watch my favorite thing ever. My Superbowl if you will.

Miss America.

I have to give props to my girl Miss Oklahoma..who by the way goes to my Alma Mater...Oklahoma State University. She was runner-up...should have won first if you ask me.

On another note, I realize that I am exactly like Amy Farrah Fowler...well, I am not a scientist or anything...but given a Tiara...I would most definitely react like this.

"I'm a princess and this is my tiara!"

Tonight I am off to volunteer for one of the programs that Relay For Life raises money for. It's called "Look Good...Feel Better" and it's a program specially designed for women who are undergoing treatment to come and get fitter for wigs and to learn how to apply make-up now that their skin has probably changed. I am very excited about this. Can not wait to tell y'all more about it.

Have a great evening my loves!



Tiffany said...

OMG..LOVE LOVE LOVE the Big Bang clip. Hilarious. I could totally see you acting the same way! 30th birthday party idea?? I think so!


Rach said...

I thought Miss Oklahoma should have won as well. I also liked Miss California. Didn't like the girl who won at all...and her mascara dripping down her face as she was crowned...not good.

Beth said...

i didn't watch the Miss America pageant. i was too busy getting drunk at the bar.

but i DO love the Big Bang Theory and Amy F.F. is my favorite character for sure.

Anonymous said...

Re: blogging ideas - you should totally do a "how to" vlog on poofing hair. 1. It would be informative. 2. It would be hilarious. Win - win.

Re: Miss America - I caught the last fifteen minutes of the pageant and thought for sure Miss Oklahoma was going to win. As for the winner (Wisconsin?) - hasn't she heard of waterproof mascera?

Re: "Look Good...Feel Better" - What a great program! Do tell all about the experience.


Jodie said...

I would love to see what you use to poof your hair!! I want to learn how to do it better!! :)