Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slacker...that would be me.

So, I have been majorly slacking on any and all of my New Year's resolutions...I mean I just now feel like I am finally back in the groove of things and it's Thursday...five days into the new year.

Which reminds me that January 5 is my uncle's b-day...I should send him a card.

Moving on

I feel like Jillian Michael's is stalking me. I mean, she's haunting me in my dreams. I dreamt of her last night and how she was yelling at me to get my fat ass out of bed and to drop and give her twenty. I can't even do twenty push-ups..I mean I can, but I have to do them the girly way.

She is bombarding my email. She is all over it. Her and self magazine advertising for the Jump Start 2012 diet and exercise plan.

I wake up in the morning and go to turn on the TV and there sits my Jillian Michael's DVD collection.

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OK...OK...I get it, Jillian.

I will freakin' start to work out. don't have to be so mean about it.

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Next, I am going to have a dream about Martha Stewart wanting me to get all organized and start putting my pinterst finds to good use or something like that.



Jodie said...

I'm slackin' too!! I had two Dr. Peppers yesterday... I'm kicking myself for it!! You can do it!!!

Tiffany said...

I feel you, sister. The Fiesta Bowl ruined it for me. I'm going to start on Saturday! BTW, totally had to throw away the bag of black eyed peas on the counter yesterday. LOL!