Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ski Trip and New Year's's so nice to be back in the blogger world. Boy have I missed it and y'all.

I am telling you, vacation throws a loop in everything..but it is so nice to get away sometimes...especially to the mountains. I love the mountains...we have an amazing God and sometimes we take his beauty for granted but that is most definitely impossible when you are in a place like this.

Mountain Sunset

Mountain Sunrise

I went to Red River, NM with Miss Football and her family and friends. They have this annual ski trip and this time I went. Let me tell you...I had a blast!!

In case you missed my post about our first night...go here...we arrived to late to ski, so we partook in a few drinks and snow tubing. So much fun.

After tubing we then ate at this really amazing restaurant called Timbers. If y'all are ever in Red River..I highly recommend eating here. I had the Green Chili Chicken Alfredo...which was to die for, but the men of the trip had the prim rib..let me tell you...mouth watering.

Miss Football and her dad

After dinner we taught the older men how to was quite interesting.

The next day it was time to hit the slopes...the weather was perfect...the slopes were perfect...and I remembered how to ski...which was good, not perfect. the skiing begins, I do pretty well...considering I haven't been skiing in like 10 years and the last time I went skiing, I got skied down in a body bag and got a second degree burn on my face. Yes, ladies I wasn't aware that I needed sunscreen...but this time I would like to report no injuries(at least not a big one) and no sunburned face.


Down to skiing.

This photo was taken right after I ran into a tree...well, not really ran into a tree...but I was skiing in the tree's vicinity and screamed,"Oh, no a tree...I'm going to hit a tree!" Then I stopped right in front of literally reached my arm out to stop from hitting the tree.

And before I almost fell off the mountain...

I really am good at skiing.


Here is a picture of me and my buddy...I had no idea this kid was skiing next to me, those kids are good and fast and they don't care if you get in their way...I had to have a word with some of them.

This would be Miss Football skiing "The face" of the mountain. This is the part of the mountain that is the only black diamond and it's right in front of the Lift bar, so everyone can either watch you succeed at going down the mountain or fall. Trust me there were some pretty good crashes...Miss Football succeeded though...that is until I yelled at her telling her good job...then she bit the bottom.

"What just happened?"

Shortly after this, I ventured away from the group and slid down a patch of ice and twisted my knee...I was out the rest of the day..but made up for it by nursing myself with a few drinks at the Lift bar...not a bad way to end a day.

Afterwards we rang in the New Year at this fun little bar in Red River...

(If your wondering why I am holding on to my's because I had the bright idea to sneak my beer out of the bar)

I had the best time, meet some really great people, got to spend the holiday with one of best friends, got some great skiing in...wonderful way to ring in the 2012.

Now, if only I can get started on those resolutions, we would be in business.


K said...

Looks beautiful - and a fun way to end the New Year! By the way, I really like your pink jacket and pink headband :) I'm sorry that you twisted your knee.

Tiffany said...

So. Much. Fun. LOVE that you're part of the "family" now! :)