Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today I am linking up again with Miss Jesslyn Amber for the Simple things...

The Simple Things

*Rain....yes, Luke Bryan says it best, Rain is a good thing!

*My baby brother bringing me a sonic butter finger blast, because he loves me.

*Getting asked out on a date by a random sales rep who walks into my work : )

*Spending the afternoon with a 3 year old, who for some reason yesterday only referred to me as "honey"

*Bubble bath and a glass of wine(or two)

*Peanut butter M&M's

*A clean kitchen

*A mowed yard

*Finally starting to read the fifty magazines that are on my table

*Having amazing best friends to go to San Francisco with in two weeks

*My family

What are your simple things this week?




Jodie said...

I totally just had a packages of Peanut butter M&M's and they were great!! :)

Ciara said...

I love a freshly mowed yard. The scent is wonderful and I've even come to appreciate that dead grass that clings to my feet.

And you make me wish the nearest sonic wasn't 40 miles from my house. =(

Trish said...

awww too cute - a 3 year old referring to you as honey! that would've cracked me up!