Thursday, July 7, 2011

Because we all could use the motivation

or at least I can.

At the end of this month my three best friends and I are heading out to San Francisco to do a little wine tasting, eating and running. San Francisco Marathon. I am just doing the 5k, Miss Football is doing the half.

I was talking to her on the phone last night and we are both just to the point where we have no motivation. It's just so dang hot to get outside and run.

So, this morning I thought...enough with the excuses. I made a promise to myself that by my 27th birthday ( which is August 26 btw if you want to get me anything...wink wink) I would be in the best shape I have ever been in.

Have I done anything towards that? Not really. Why? Who knows, I am just lazy. Enough with sitting on my couch watching my DVR, I need to get out there and run.

I feel good when I run, I feel great after I run...I miss that feeling.

Thought these might help me to get off the couch and do something, hope they help you too : )

Hope everyone has a great get off your ass and go run : )



Anonymous said...

Great motivation! We're going to have so much fun in San Francisco - and because we're preparing for this 5K nonsense, we won't pass out during the race ( losing consciousness from running would really put a damper on the weekend).

See you, my dear, in 21 DAYS!


Anonymous said...

Good motivation. I packed my bag this morning and took it with me to work. I have decided the heat is no longer going to stop me. I will just hit the treadmill at the gym after work instead. On the weekends I am going to get up EARLY before the heat hits and run outside then go home and nap for a few hours :)

San Fran bound in three weeks! OMG can't wait!

Tiffany said...

I didn't run this morning, but I'm headed to the gym this afternoon! Love that we're all on board now....21 days---holla!

~Miss Football