Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A lot of sun, a ton of water and way too many margaritas

This title pretty much sums up THE BEST WEEKEND. EVER. Well, at least in a long time.

Over the holiday weekend me, bestie, my mom and bestie's mom had a girl's camping trip/lake party.

Let me tell you, us girl's know how to party.

I have no pictures, sorry...but it is probably best that I wasn't responsible for a camera...and let me tell you why.

Friday night bestie's boyfriend joined us along with another couple...so we youngsters drank the night away with margaritas, beer, and wine. We played cards(maybe in the form of strip poker) I am a poker player...so no worries here : ) we went night swimming in the lake...and at one point this gal decided I would run back to camp and I tripped and skid across the asphalt and got major road rash on my hand and my knee.

Injury numero uno.

The next day was spent recovering from margaritas, so bestie and I pretty much just layed out in the water all day getting our tan on.

Injury numero dos is where I am pretty sure I broke my toe, there sure are some big ol rocks in lake water.

Sunday we rode jetski's all day, I lost my water shoes(note to self: water shoes don't float in water), floated, made friends with a couple of 9 and 12 year old girls who were the sweetest girls ever. One they said I was pretty(my hair hadn't been brushed in like two days and I had no make-up) and two they said I was skinny( in my two piece). I am gonna take these girls everywhere with me. Seriously. I through bestie off my jetski doing a 360 turn; I look like I have been run over by truck with all the bruises on my body...apparently jetski ridding is rough.

Sunday evening we decided to go tubing. Bestie's mom was driving the jetski, bestie when tubing first...she had a smooth ride, stayed on, hardly any waves, sky is clear, no clouds sun is out. They ride in and then it's my turn.

I get on, clouds start rolling in, waves start white capping, I proceed to get my ass kicked by these white capping crazy waves and literally fly 100ft in the air off my tub, come back up to the surface only to find that my bikini bottoms are not on me, but floating in the water beside me. Apparently, a storm decided to roll in while I was on the tube. So, you would think I would just get my bottoms, and pack up and head to shore, right? No...I get back on the tube for ass beating number 2.

I may have had a concussion after that ride.

That evening we packed most of our stuff and stayed in the camper. We were all sore, sun kissed, bruised and tired...but it seriously was the best weekend I have had in the longest time.

Nothing like waking up in the outdoors as the sun comes up, sitting outside having your coffee, spending your day doing whatever you want, no set schedule at all.

It was awesome.

I can hardly move, and my body is covered in bruises and I have some weird tan lines, but it was perfect!




Anonymous said...

OMG the weekend was GREAT! Had a blast and also covered in bruises from head to toe :)

Steph said...

haha sounds like my kinda weekend.. isn't it funny how younger girls see the real beauty in older girls?? maybe we should all take that as a hint and not be so hard on ourselves ;) and please tell me you put those bottoms on before ride number 2 he he

Tiffany said...

Yay for lake weekends!! Next year, we all have to do it at the SAME lake!

mom said...

The best birthday ever....we had a blast..

I'm still finding bruises where bruises shouldn't be.LOL. We could have one a gold medal(if it was an actual sport)when we took down the canopy and tarp..had a few little malfunctions, but, you put on a bikini and slid under a jetski trailer with legs sticking out, you will get 6 people to come and help you. Price tag--1 beer. Dad always said--use what the good lord gave you. It work :)

thanks again for the awsome weekend..best 3 nights ever camping..

Rach said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I looovvveee going to the lake! I drank lots of margs too and ate $30 of Jack In The Box at 2 am, which led me to wake up with a half eaten taco in my bed. I am ashamed.