Monday, July 11, 2011

BFF vs. BF

Hola Amiga' like my espanol this morning?

I'm bilingual...not really. The only Spanish I have ever learned has been from Jose at Senor Tequila's.

Any who, enough about my non-Spanish speaking self...I think it's time for a single gal girl power post.

I know you are excited.

Sadly, I can't take credit for this, I found it whilst avoiding work and surfing the Internet.

It's what I do best...avoiding work.

I find this article fitting because just the other day Miss Football and I were talking and over-analyzing everything(it's what we do best) and we said that we are going to have a non-boy talk week. We are striking them from our daily lives just like we are striking sugar from our diet.

I think the no-sugar thing will be easier.

or not, I just ate a peanut-butter M&M...oops.

We are just so over being single and dating and waiting for those dumb guys to text us or call us or whatever.


This article found here is just what the doctor ordered.

Believe it: a true friend is way more valuable than a boyfriend. The same is true when you're 26 as when you're 86. So while some of you may be scrambling to meet a guy or working overtime to make a relationship happen, just remember that your best friend is for life. The guys will come and go — and they'll cause a lot of drama in between. In case you need a reminder, I've listed 20 reasons a BFF is more important than a BF!

1. A best friend doesn't care if you haven't shaved your legs or painted your nails today.
2. A best friend doesn't make you watch boxing on TV.
3. A best friend is equally as literate in The Bachelor and DWTS as you are.
4. A best friend doesn't booty call you.
5. A best friend isn't concerned whether you're Julia Child or not.
6. You won't have to diet to meet your best friend's mom.
7. A best friend doesn't talk about marriage just because s/he thinks it's what you want to hear.
8. A best friend doesn't spook at the word "baby."
9. A best friend understands your issues about bangs, periods, nasty bosses, push-up bras, straightening irons, and driving in heels, because she has the same issues.
10. A best friend can listen to a complaint because that's how we communicate.
11. When all the men have left, your best friend will still be there.
12. If a best friend puts his/her career ahead of you for even one night, you can tell the person to snap out of it, and s/he'll agree with you.
13. None of your best friend's Facebook friends will make you jealous.
14. A best friend always puts the toilet seat down.
15. A best friend will not only wait for you to get ready — she'll help you get ready.
16. You never have to suck in your stomach for a best friend.
17. A best friend is fine with you wearing a dress that looks like a tent.
18. A best friend carries spare feminine products on her person at all times.
19. On vacation, a best friend can work on her tan for nine straight hours, just like you can.
20. When you're in the mood for chocolate, your best friend is also in the mood for chocolate.

I'd say this is quite perfect and so so true : )

Adios loves



Anonymous said...

Ahh Senior Taquilas brings back some good memories! Can we go again sometime soon and have a big momma with a plate of rice and white caso?!?!
Love the post and agree totally with it :)
~ Bestie

Tiffany said...

Ahhh, Jose. He and I were quite the Espanol teachers that night, no?? ;)

Oh, and in addition to you eating peanut butter m&ms (cheater!) you also sent me TWO boy related emails today. I think we failed!

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to count you as a BFF. <3 <3 <3


Jodie said...

Aww! I love this!! Amazing!!!

Rach said...

This is so cute! Boys come and go, but friends really are forever!