Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy girls are the prettiest girls

Morning pretty girls...hope you all are having the best day so far.

A couple of weekends ago when I was at the lake I had an epiphany. Well, maybe not then I had it, but I have thought long and hard and taken it in and now I have had an epiphany.

What is this epiphany I speak of you are wondering, well it's not anything that will cure cancer or world hunger or world peace.

Actually, I guess it could.

My epiphany is that I am judgemental. Some of you who know me are thinking to yourselves, "How is this your epiphany? We have known this for quite sometime."

Yes, I will admit I am quite judgemental, but aren't we all? If anything, I am more harsh and judgemental on myself. What girl isn't hard on themselves, right? At least one time or another.
While I was at the lake, I was completely myself. I wasn't trying to impress anyone, or get all dolled up, who was I going to impress with my expensive make-up and volumized hair. The fishies? The hott guys? Certainly not them, they were no where in sight. The hott guy's anyway...the fishies were too much in the open...eek.

I don't think I washed my hair in days. Gross, yes...but I was at the lake...what was the point? I hadn't put make-up on since Friday morning when I went to work.

In fact I don't know how many times I was reminded at how much my freckles on my face were showing. Thanks a lot sun.

Even with my hair a hot mess, my freckles making their grand appearance, a little girl told me I was pretty.

She saw my natural beauty and thought I was pretty. The same beauty I see when I take a shower or remove my make-up, the same beauty that I try to cover up because  I sometimes think it's not beautiful.

Who was she to say this anyway? She wasn't trying to impress me or say something nice to me so I would like her, she was honest and true.

Why don't we see things the way a child view's things. So innocent and pure? We only see the flaws, we only see what we want to improve.

As women we are incredibly hard on ourselves. Always trying to out do or out pretty someone else. We see someone with big boobs and we want them, someone with a small ass and we want that. Straight hair girls want curly hair and visa versa.

So we wake up one morning with a pimple the size of Texas after a slight panic attack we go on about our day. Usually if you don't acknowledge that it is there, no one will see it. No one notice's the tiny little flaws we see.

I don't think that little girl knew that by her saying I was pretty that day would have such an impact on me, whatever her reasons for saying it...I am glad she did.

Sometimes you just need to hear it, what better way to hear it than when you are least expecting it.



Anonymous said...

This is great! That little girl was right: you are pretty. In fact, you're beautiful. And you're a good person too. And you're smart. You're a triple threat, my friend.

Annnnnd - in 16 days I get to give you a biiiiig hug in person! Hollla....


Tiffany said...

Love this! That little girl is just stating the obvious. And don't you forget it!

~Miss Football

Steph said...

aw.. i love this!!!! its amazing what we think of ourselves and whats really there for everyone else to see that we don't see..

KarmaKristin said...

You know what..I needed this blog read today!!! I have been hard on myself recently and your absolutely right. Thanks for this post!

Karma Kristin