Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Happy Wednesday loves.

As I type this it is pouring down rain outside...can I get an Amen? Thank you Lord for this rain, we have been having some extreme temps with no rain in sight, so hopefully this will be what all the ranchers, farmers, and people with gardens are needing.

Got to feed and water those animals.

Anyway,enough about the weather, I have something completely and totally random to talk about.

Something that is so out of the blue, it's crazy.

Ok, so yesterday at work I had just got back from lunch and barely had sat down when I looked out the window and saw this really cute guy walking up. He was tan, had black hair that was fixed really stylish was dressed really nice, like business attire nice. Well, he came in to where I work and he is a salesmen, which is nothing out of the ordinary for my office because lots of reps come in all the time.

He took off those RayBan's and flashed his pearly whites and started his sales pitch. For what I don't know because I was just enamored by his looks. I think he was selling office supplies or something.

Now, luckily for me...yesterday I actually took a shower and fixed my hair other than wearing it in a pony tail every day, so I looked somewhat presentable. I guess I looked fairly presentable because he continues to talk to me for like a solid couple of hours, because why should I work, when I can talk to a cute guy, right?

Long story short, the dude asks me out on a date.

How's that for a random Tuesday afternoon at work?

A sales rep comes in and tries to sell me something and instead I get asked out on a date. Maybe that is part of his sales tactic? I don't really care, because he is HOTT!


Oh and he texted me shortly after that too.

I will keep y'all updated....



Anonymous said...

How exciting! It sounds like he's probably thanking his lucky stars that your business was on his list of potential sales.


mom said...

you didn't tell him about your wonderful blog did you? if so, his pearly whites are showing. LOL

Steph said...

suuuweet!!! we had a sales rep in here for a new inr machine the other day lets just say we all kinda had to learn the machine all over again when he left.. ;) good luck on the date...

Tiffany said...

That's it. I'm quitting my job, moving to OK and becoming a PT receptionist. Done deal.

~Miss Football