Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer lovin

It's hard to believe that today is the second day of June. Crazy! How did this happen? Where does time go? When I was younger it seemed like it took forever for school to be let out in May and the summers seem to have lasted forever. Now, before you know it Christmas will be tomorrow. Ya feel me? Anyway, enough about time.

Let's talk about what I love about Oklahoma summers. Oklahoma summer's make me happy. I need to be happy right now. Yes, it does get scorching hot, like so hot, you step outside for 5 seconds and you already have frizzy hair and your make-up is melting off, but summer nights in Oklahoma with the cool breeze coming in, if only for a minute makes everything worth it.

These are just a few of my favorite things about summer

1. Homemade ice cream...back in the day before the land of dairy allergies, my mom made the best homemade butterfinger ice cream. was to die for. So good. I can just taste it now.

2. Peaches. I know Georgia might be known for their peaches, but believe me you haven't tasted a peach until you have tasted a Porter peach or a Stratford Peach. They are heaven on earth.

3. Oklahoma Summer Sunsets...I really wish I had a picture. I'll work on this.

4. Fireflies. Fireflies start to come out in about late May and they come out right at dusk and you can see their little lights flickering. I will admit as a kid I would catch the fireflies and tear the lights off...I realize now that I was killing them. I do feel bad about this.

5. Small town festivals and fairs. Watermelon festival, Peach Festival, Strawberry festival...if its a fruit, it's a festival.

6. Outdoor concerts. LOVE THEM. live for them.

7. Margarita nights on my front porch with bestie. I don't believe this needs any explanation.

8. Lake. Pool. Giant Slip and Slide. Sprinklers. anything and everything having to do with water. Like I said, it's get dang hot here.

9. Fireworks. Fireworks over the lake. AMAZING.

10. Cookouts, baseball games, outdoor activities, vacations, good time spent with family and friends....all make up my favorite summer memories.



Anonymous said...

Summer! On your list, #7 is my favorite. Enjoy a margarita with Bestie, ASAP. It's an order.


Anonymous said...

Okay I agree with Honey! Let's have a margarita night Saturday. I will be over around 6 or 7 with the Tequila. Can I brink Frankie with me to play with Bella and Bentley?