Thursday, June 16, 2011

On rainy days...

I just want to stay home, in comfy sweats, cuddled up with my fur babies taking a nap or catching up on my DVR...but no, I must go to work. Someone has to pay the bills. If only I was a 22 year old heiress like this gal, who is buying the Spelling Manor for just a measly ol 85 million.

No big, right? I am sure most 22 year olds have that kinda cash just lying around...haha, I wish. At 22, I was eating Ramen Noodles, about to graduate college...with hardly any money at all. Heck, I at 26,  still sometimes eat Ramen Noodles.

Must be nice.

In other news, this furry child of mine is mad at me and having a very very bad hair day...

You see, what happened is she was supposed to have a beauty appointment at the beginning of June. However, I may or may not have written it down in my calender (if it doesn't get written down, it apparently doesn't take place) and she may or may not have missed her appointment and the next available appt. is AUGUST 4th.

I am a bad mother.

I am kinda scared to see what she will look like by then. I have decided since I do not trust anyone else to cut her hair, besides the place I take her, I will give her a haircut.

She may hate me even more after that.

Wish me luck!

Have a great day loves!

Tomorrow is Friday, woo woo!




Anonymous said...

You have to post before and after pics from the haircut a'la Lyndse. I think you'll do a great job!

Can you even imagine buying a manor? Geez. I should have been an heiress.


mom said...

LMAO...i'm still laughing at bellamae. Yes, lyndse has informed me several times that WE are gonna give her a haircut. This will be a adventure for sure. 1st--bellamae doesn't like for you to even come near her with scissors. 2nd--she likes to growl at you if you attempt to, but she can't bite us because she is missing a few teeth. LOL.

I still blame the "beauty shop" for not calling us. They always call prior to the appointment. I don't care if they "was" short handed or not.

Our Family of Four said...

Oh man, I was reading all about that girl and man is she lucky! I guess the money never runs out for her uh?