Thursday, June 9, 2011

I would like to thank the Academy...

well...not really the Academy...but I would like to thank Miss Jodie over at Ramblings of a Fabulous Brunette for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award. I am so excited to receive this. You must go over and check out my fellow Oklahoman. This girl is super stylish, she is always talking about fashion, she is beautiful inside and out and just the sweetest person. Y'all will love her!

With the award, you must list seven things about here we go!

1. I am not a natural blonde...I mean I was when I was younger and my real hair color is a light brown ( I think, it has been foreva since I have seen it). I act blonde and believe me honey, I spend enough money on this hair that I wish it was natural.

2. When I find a something a like, like really really like, and it comes in multiple colors. I will buy it. In. every. color. True story. I just can't help it.

3. I can touch my tongue to my nose. It's not stylish nor classy. But it's pretty much my only talent, so I go with it.

4. I have this weird thing with numbers. Everything has to be an even number. Volume on the TV-even number, volume in the car-even number. The fact that I have to list only 7 things, seriously is bugging me.

5.  Recently I was being compared to another blonde girl, and this is how the comparison went, " She is just like you personality wise, but she is less hair than you do." (This is about a new girl starting work at our other location) He was referring to my hair. I like volume. I am good at getting volume in my hair. My motto, "The higher the hair the closer to Jesus!"

6. As much fun as it would be to win the lottery, I wouldn't mind just winning a shopping spree to Sephora and MAC make-up. It would be like I had died and gone to heaven. I can never, and I repeat never have too much make-up.

7. Clearly my stylish ways started at a young age...


Now, I nominate a few stylish ladies myself...

Miss football also known as Tiff@ figuring out the plot
my lovely blog swap partner Steph@ Nursing in Red Stilettos



mom said...

i love this picture....

Jodie said...

AWW! Thanks for the sweet words!! :) I love that you are like me with the hair situation!! So funny!! Love the pic!! CUTE!! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG This is my favorite pic ever!!