Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And here I thought I was a true Oklahoman

There is a magazine that comes out monthly I believe...it's simply titled, "Oklahoma Magazine." Original, huh? I like to look through it just to see what's new, sometimes it highlights famous Oklahomans and has reviews for new restaurants or concerts and what not.

This month, they have "The Oklahoma bucket list: 77 things every Oklahoma should do." I thought this would be pretty interesting, so I checked it out...let's see just how many I have done.

Are you just dying to know what every Oklahoma should do or every visitor of the Okie state should do? Well, here goes it...I am sure you so wanted to know this. By the way I am only listening the ones I have done. For a full list visit this website www.okmag.com

1. Buy your own western wear. I have most definitely done this...if you don't own at least one pair of cowboy boots...then you really aren't a true okie in my book. I grew up in a "cowboy" family, however, I like to just sport some cowboy boots with dresses...perfect for concerts and what not.

2. Eat fried chicken at Eischen's bar. Y'all no lie, this place is hands down the best fried chicken you will ever eat. I went to college in Stillwater (best college in Oklahoma btw) and most generally everyone who went there knew where Eischen's was and hopped in the truck with some good ol' country boy and went and ate some fried chicken. It's located in a tiny tiny town called Okarche. It has been featured on the Food Networks, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It's seriously that good.

3. Go Noodling. I have not done this nor do I care to do this, but I know lots of people who have including baby brother. I think this is the dumbest most redneck thing to do and not to mention dangerous. Basically, if you don't know what it is, noodling is a type of fishing where you literally stick your arm in a hole underwater (in lakes or rivers) and hopefully pull out a huge ass fish. Let me tell you they really do get some big fish...but is it worth it. No! There are copperhead snakes living in those holes that will bite you and kill you and beavers living in those holes. You couldn't pay be enough money in the entire world to stick my arm in a hole that I can not see what's in it and let a fish freakin grab on to my arm. No thank you. It's dumb. Do I sound a little harsh?  Here is my cousin...I stole this picture from his facebook, but this is a result of noodling...it's a big fish, but not worth it in my opinion. Could you imagine that grabbing on to your arm. No thank you!

4. Chase a tornado. No thanks...not going to do it. I am perfectly fine stepping out on my front porch watching the tornado like most Oklahomans, but I am not chasing one. I freak out just thinking about it.

5. Buy an Okie t-shirt.  I have done this and it wasn't just an OSU t-shirt.

6. Hunt for rose rocks. This is our state rock. I have hunted for these in elementary school...I had one at one point. Who knows where it's at now.

7. Visit a museum.  I have been to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City and the Will Rogers Memorial which is located in the town I am from. If you are ever in Oklahoma, I highly recommend visiting both of these museums.

8. Run into Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Sadly, I have not run into them. I am the only one who hasn't I think. They are often seen in my hometown and the town right next to it. I will see them one day...I just know it. People who have seen them say they are the nicest, most down-to-earth people. I always like to hear that about celebs.

9. Launch a spontaneous hootenanny. If by hootenanny you mean a party. Then yes, I have done this. Go me!

10. Celebrate Bob Wills' Birthday at Cain's Ballroom. While I haven't celebrated his birthday per say at the Cain's ballroom. I have gone to many a concert's there. I have seen many many artist there...in fact one time I was there for banquet fundraiser and Cross Canadian Ragweed just happened to drop by and check out the place because they were performing their live DVD there next weekend. Ya, I chit chatted with them for awhile and got my picture taken. I would post it, but it's on a different computer.

11. Eat your weight in Chicken Fried Steak. I have done this probably a thousand times. It is for sure a staple in any Oklahoma family dinner. I love me some good ol' chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and fried okra. Bring on the clogged arteries.

12. Survive Oktoberfest.  This is held in Tulsa and is a grand ol time. Never in my life have I done the chicken dance so much.

13. Catch a foul ball on ONEOK field. I haven't caught a foul ball yet, but I do go watch the drillers play and it is a very nice ball park. It's brand new.

*****14. This gets astrix because this is my favorite and not only have I "walked around" I have partaken ( is that a word) in the making of this tradition...The OSU Homecoming Walkaround. Let me just explain. OSU ( my Alma mater...GO POKES) puts on the biggest homecoming celebration there is. Walkaround is put on by the Greek system. I was in a sorority. What we do are house decks. We take tissue paper and chicken wire and make pretty pretty designs. You pair up with a fraternity and they display the art in their yard and they do all the welding of the structure and thousand and thousands ( literally) come to walkaround and look at it. All the streets shut down. It's the best time of the year. I love it. The part I don't love, pomping(the process of shoving tissue paper into chicken wire) and staying up the night before for 24 hour pomp. I believe this deserves a post in and of it's own.

Pics via Miss Football

15. Ride the silver bullet at Frontier City. Frontier City is an amusement park located in OKC. Silver bullet is a roller coaster. I went all the time when I was younger.

16. Eat the unhealthiest item at the State fair. Umm...would it be a state fair if there wasn't fried butter on a stick, fried cheese on a stick, fried oreo's? No...the only reason to attend the fair is the fair food that and people watching. That should be on the Oklahoma bucket list...the crazies come out y'all. P.S. I have tried these foods all except the fried butter...GROSS.

17. Bass fishing at Lake Keystone. Maybe I haven't fished at Lake Keystone..but I have done my fair share of bass fishing. I have my own fishing pole. It's pink.

18. Relive Ranch days. I don't have to relive it. I have lived it. Thanks.

19. Count the Mullets at Rocklahoma. I haven't gone to Rocklahoma, which is an outdoor rock concert. But trust me when I say this...I have seen my fair share of mullets. When we people learn...they are not in style Billy Cyrus. Not in style.

20. Attend a Bedlam Football Game. If you have never gone to one, you must do it. This state is seriously divided between the best school, Okahoma State University and the other school. GO POKES!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, I have done more of these bucket list items than I thought...I will continue with these on another post...



Katy said...

Ok I have to go to something called Rocklahoma, sounds AMAZING, lol!
LOLing at Noodling!

Jenks Mom said...

I'm impressed... You are a good ole' okie girl!!!

Rach said...

I love your outfit in the first picture! So something I would wear! And I LOVE fried fair food. It's worth gaining a few pounds to eat your way through the fair for a week!

Anonymous said...

Wow..noodling! That's something I've never heard of. Or would ever EVER want to do. Good to know the rednecks in Oklahoma are just as crazy as the ones in Tennessee. ;o)

Saw you tagged for Jodie's blog award and wanted to come say hi!! xoxo, Sarah Kate