Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey y'all

Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging front lately. Sometimes life just happens and throws you into a tale spin...ever happen to you? Well, I am not fully back from said tale spin...but I am getting there. Speaking of did y'all ever watch the cartoon, "Tale Spin" it was on the Disney channel. I loved it! It was about a pilot called Baloo(like from the jungle book)...anyway, it's hot here. Like 100 degrees at noon hot. Now, I am all about summer, but it's still June. Not even officially summer yet and we are already having these incredibly hot days. Only two ways to cure the summer hottness, in the water or in the A/C.

You know what I realized...well, I already knew this but I have a serious problem with Reality TV. It's kind of a big problem. Just when I tell myself to not watch/DVR another show...something new comes on for the summer and I have to watch it. The following Summer shows have been added to my line up...I am not proud of this.

Million dollar Decorators on Bravo-If I was a millionaire, I would hire some of these people...they have great taste.
Platinum Hit also on Bravo. Why am I watching another music show, I don't know
The Voice-I really do enjoy this show, as much as I love my fellow Oklahoman Blake Shelton..I am team Adam. I love Maroon Five.
So you think you can dance
Big Brother-hasn't started yet, but I love this show and can't wait for it.

I need some new summer hairstyle ideas. With it being so hot and humid, wearing my hair down is not an option, I always put it in a pony tail, but this gets boring. I tried to do the cute little braid thing at the front of my hair, but I have a widows peak and have side bangs...so if any of my lovely followers are hair dressers or are great with hair...will you please help a sister out with some cute styles to beat the summer heat.

I would appreciate it : )

This post was boring...I will do better next time, ha!


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Rach said...

Glad that you are feeling a little better. You'll get through the tough times girl!