Thursday, June 9, 2011

Part II of the Oklahoma bucket list...

So, did y'all read the first installment of "Oklahoma bucket list: 77 things every Oklahoman should do." No, you haven't...well, then you must go read it.

So, what else have I done...well, take a looksie.

21. Survive the Visual Onslaught of the Rhema Christmas Lights. I will admit this last Christmas was the first time I have ever gone, and I went twice. Just trying to make up for lost times. It is seriously magical. I am a sucker for all things Christmas...especially lights. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The people at Rhema know exactly what they are doing. I wish I had better pictures. Here is my mom and I about to ride in the Cinderella like carriage to look at the lights.

22. Watch the Buffalo. Buffalo seem to roam a lot in Oklahoma. Not sure why this is a bucket list item and not really sure why so many people own Buffalo here, but I have seen them roam so I think this counts as a crossed off item.

23. Wear your team colors, while downing Billy Sims' Bar-B-Que. I have done this. Billy Sim's is a former OU player, and of course I ate his food wearing my ORANGE OSU COLORS. Check!

24. Detox in the healing waters around Sulphur. Let me tell you, I may not have detoxed in these waters, but I have spent many summer's in this town. My Nana and Papa lived there. The smell alone in this town is worth a bucket list check. I did frolic in the springs once or twice though. They say it has healing powers and I believe the fountain of youth is there...maybe I should re-visit it?

25. Float the Illinois River. I am pretty sure everyone and their dog has floated this river. I have received sunburns from this river, a bacterial infection on my leg(anyone floating the river, do not shave your legs the day of...just a side note), witnessed some bead throwing, drunken frat boys, I have been pushed off my raft in the river, run over by my raft in a fast moving stream, all in all...great times have been had and everyone should float it at least once.

26. Visit the original hideaway in Stillwater, OK. Been here many of times. I did go to college in this town. The best pizza and Oklahoma's oldest, been in business since 1957.

27. Ride a horse. Have a rode a horse? Did my papa give me two ponies for my birthday one year? Mind you one was completely blind and the other one was evil. I think my family was born riding horses.

28. Go to a Drive-in Movie. First drive in movie I ever watched was "The Flinstone Movie". There is something so nostalgic about drive in's.

29. Yacht Grand lake. I haven't Yachted...but I have boated in Grand. Same thing right? Ski boated that is.

and last but not least...

30. Sample the Haute Cuisine at Stillwater's Annual Calf Fry. I have sampled it, even ranch dressing doesn't make Calf Fries taste good. I have had my share of fun times though at this annual event.

All in all...I think 30 things out of 77 isn't too bad right? I'd say, I am a genuine bonified Okie.

Seriously though, if y'all ever visit my home state, I highly recommend you partake in these activities and many more that we have to offer and while you are here, take in an Oklahoma's one of our best features.



mom said...

got to love okies!!!!

Rhema Christmas lights are the best to go and look at especially in a horse drawn carriage with Lyndse, mom and dad. This was not a typical carriage ride. LMAO..nana and papa.

we actually had buffalo when you were little. Papa had some. they were mean little things to say the least and they stunk..

Sulphur, OK..yes, the water stinks to high heaven and really cold. They say a good soak is good for you only if you can stand it.

so much fun is to be had floating the river. can't wait till we float it this year.

Tiffany said...

Love this! I didn't know you've been to a drive in movie--that's on my bucket list you know!

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Hideaway pizza sounds sooooo good. I'll catch the first flight out of NM, you start driving to Stillwater, and we'll meet up for dinner there. Deal? ... I wish!