Friday, May 20, 2011

Today is the day...

the day we, my mom and I, have been dreading. Not so much dreading because it's a happy day, just a sad day. Baby Brother graduates.

He went from this little poser

to this handsome man

Happy Graduation day Logan. I am so proud of you and the man you have become. I love you more than words could say. Even though you may annoy me on any given day...what little brother doesn't...I wouldn't trade you for anything. Though, I have been tempted...jk. 

I am so blessed to have you as a little brother.

Now, if you need me, I will be the blubbering idiot at the graduation.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh, good luck today, lovely. It will be okay. He's not going anywhere - except to the happiest place on Earth (right?? Pretty sure you said he's going to OSU, but now I'm second guessing myself....) which gives you the ultimate reason to visit him and Stillwater.

Love ya!


mom said...

Honey, he will be there in 2 years. First stop is Connors State College. Then we can go and spy on him.LOL. We never need an excuse to go to the greatest place on earth--Stillwater.

Yes, the blubbering has already started for me this morning while i was trying to compose myself to write in his card.

It's a wonderful day for him and a little sad and wonderfulday for us also. He has grown into a wonderful, caring and handsome man. I like to think i had something to do with it :)

Steph said...

aw congrats to him!! :)

Tiffany said...

Good thing you have the whole day off to prepare! It's been a rough week for you----first the world ending, and now this! :)