Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm still here...

no Dorothy or Toto or Tin Man or Scare crow business happening here. Can I just say, having grown up in Oklahoma my whole life and having experienced my fair share of tornado warnings and watches...these last few days have gotten me pretty worked up. See, I am slightly paranoid of things, especially storms...especially storms that involve the possibility of tornado's. You would think growing up in Tornado alley, I would be used to such events...ya, not so much. 

The Joplin, MO tornado really frighten me and many of us Okie's. It is just tragic what those people are experiencing, my heart breaks for them and I can't even imagine, much less want to imagine, the pain and suffering and heartache they are going through. Because of this tornado that happened there ( it being so close to home ) people who aren't normally scared of storms/tornado's were freaking out. Weathermen were warning us about said storms for days and preparing us for the worse. I seriously thought I was preparing for a nuclear bomb or something.

My dad, who when I was growing up, never ever went to the cellar. He is one of those true Okies that stands outside watching the tornado go by. Yeah, he's a bright one. Anyway, my mom told me this morning that even Dad was ready and willing to go to the cellar if need be.

Thankfully though, none of us had to take cover. Personally, I don't know how a closet or bathroom was going to protect me from a tornado...I was a little worried about that...because I have always had a cellar to use. However, some parts of Oklahoma weren't so lucky. I believe the Oklahoma City area had some damage and the last I heard 11 people were killed.

Please say a prayer for those families and those who have lost property and continue to pray for those in Joplin. It's just so scary to think that in a matter of seconds you could loose everything...including the clothes on your back.


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~ Crystal ~ said...

Good to know I'm not the only one wondering how a bathroom or closet is supposed to protect me. And I'm from no where near tornado alley or a place used to tornadoes!