Monday, May 16, 2011

And so it begins...

This week is going to be quite the emotional week for you know, I love my baby brother so very much and he is graduating high school. Well, the time has finally come and this Friday, my baby brother graduates. I can feel the tears coming right now just thinking about it. You might as well just give me a couple of boxes of tissue right now.

Yesterday was his Baccalaureate...and before we even got out of the car I started crying. Am I weird? Am I the only sister that cries at her brothers graduation? Please tell me I am not. I have been crying even more than my mom...and this is her baby that is graduating. She is going to be an empty nester and will have to live with Dad all by herself...if that doesn't call for some tears, I don't know what does : ) 
Mom and baby Brother

Dad, baby brother and Mom

Me and baby brother

So...let the crying begin or should I say continue



Rach said...

Awww! Gosh it seems like forever ago when we graduated high school :) You are so pretty girl!

mom said...

i cry when no one is around. It's been a rough week already and it's only Tuesday. I'm so very proud of you and Logan. I really need to start thinking of a hobby to do...cant ride, cause Logan will take the horses with him. The house will be very lonely without Logan. I have always had my kiddos around me so beware folks if i get a little bitchy, it's because i'm alone with dad.LOL