Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Age is just a number, right?

Hola Senorita's....

So, there are just a few things in life that scare the holy bejesus out of me...
Mascots of any kind except of course Pistol Pete and that's only because I was friends with the guy who was Pistol Pete while I was at OSU...so I knew he was legit.
BUGS.of any kind.

Take last night for example I tried to kill some huge, weird, brown bug in the garage last night with a mop and then when that didn't work I ran it over with a dolly. 
Why I didn't just step on it... the thought never crossed my mind.

and....turning the big 30
mind you I am 27 and have still have a few years before the dirty thirty, but I'd be lying if it didn't just make me slightly nervous to think I will be what I once that was older than dirt.
Now that I am close to that number, I'd like to think that it isn't old.

Anyway, I feel as though here lately 30 has been popping up everywhere. Maybe because one of my best friends just celebrated the dirty thirty birthday yesterday...

Happy late birthday Sara bear.

and maybe because Glamour published this book, 

I guess the thought of turning 30 has always scared me because I have this made up list in my mind of what life is supposed to be like when I am thirty.
As in married and on my way to having babies...but considering this is happening in two years or so...that doesn't give me much time...but then again...you never know. 
I feel like Rachel on Friends..the birthday episode...when she turned thirty and had this whole life plan only to realize that she shouldn't be dating the young hot 25 year old assistant who is riding the scooter up and down the hall way.

Man, I love that show.

Here are the top five highlights from the book that the Today show picked out the other day...
By thirty you should know....

1. How to fall in love without losing yourself.

I sometimes ask myself, God or whoever is listening...as to why I haven't fallen in love and met the one I am supposed to marry. Only to realize that when I was younger and thought I was in love...that wasn't love. Had I married that guy, I would have changed a lot about the person I am. And no one should have to change themselves to be loved...you should be loved for who you are.

2. The confidence to quit a job.
Been there, done that.

3. The comfort of living alone.

I have said it and I will say it again...living alone was the best thing for me. I love knowing the fact that I can make it on my own. It's nice to have that feeling of indepence and secuirty and the feeling that you are soley responsible for the dishes and feeding the dogs....it's a good feeling. One to only be beat by when I have a family of my own and know that I am perfectly capable of taking care of them without burning the house down...because I already tried that as a single 20something gal.

4. The knowledge your body is beautiful.

This is a work in progress....in fact, this has been on my mind a lot lately...I want my body to be healthy...it's the only body I got.

5. The belief you deserve it.

I struggle with this one sometimes...I am very blessed and I appreciate everything God has blessed me with...from my family to friends, health, a roof over my head, food, etc....sometimes I feel like I am being selfish in thinking I deserve something...but I am working on it...because everyone deserves everything their hearts desire.

I can't wait to look back at this post...when I am 30 and see how much has changed....hopefully I will be able to look back at my twenties with a smile and embrace my thirties and all that it has in store.
Got to love this thing called blogging....to see where you were going and how far you've come.

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Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I turn 29 this year.. EEK!
I'm so not ready to be 30!

Tiffany said...

Love this--and I just ordered that book this weekend! :)

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

Love the post! I am buying the book tomorrow. My boss gave me a gift card to buy it for my 30th :) Honestly and you know this to be true up until like 2 day's before my dirty 30 I was really stressing and depressing on it, but once I hit that number it was no biggie. I just decided that this gives me an excuse to a new and improved life. I'm taking my 30's by the horn and living the life I have always wanted to live!


Anonymous said...

I wish there was a "like" button. Bestie's comment is perfect.


Annie said...

I turned 30 two years ago and life is absolutely nothing at all like I thought it would be by now. That is not a bad thing. I had a fairly major freak-out about turning 30 when I was 27 and I dealt with it by packing up and moving to the other side of the world for a year and behaving like an 18-year-old! Best thing I have ever done.

Seriously, I don't feel too much different at 32 than I did at 22 (when I stop comparing myself to other 32-year-olds, that is!). It's not as bad as you think!