Thursday, May 10, 2012

This morning

It's been an interesting morning.

When I finally roll out of bed in the morning, I stumble to the bathroom until I put in my contacts and am able to see where I am going. This morning I stumble into the bathroom go to turn on that shower and I see it.

This huge blurry black thing that keeps moving in my shower. I have slight freak out moment and then realize it's time to be a big girl and take care of this, because no one else will.

I did what any logical girl would do and turned the shower on in hopes to drown the thing.
The whole time I was taking a shower I was constantly looking at the drain praying that spider would not come back up.
So much for a relaxing shower this AM.

It was such a beautiful morning on the way to work today, so I had the windows rolled down, sunroof I had to take Bella to get her hair did at the doggie spa, and she loves it when the windows are rolled down.
It's the least I can do before she has to go and get clipped  and groomed.

Windows rolled down=a giant bird like flying bug in my car.

I about had a heart attack trying to get this huge ass bug out of my car...Bella freaks out and tries to bite the damn thing. 

In the meantime a bunny runs across the road and I swerve to miss the bunny..Bella goes off the seat and into the floor. Big gigantic bird like bug finally decides to fly out the window.

Oh did I mentioned that poor sweet Bella has a problem.

She's OCD and will gnaw and gnaw at her skin until her tail looks like a possum tail.
Not kidding, I should take a picture but I don't' want y'all to think I'm a bad doggie mom.
My groomer just looked at her and gave her the ol' "Bless her little heart"

I told them to leave a lot of hair at the top...gotta balance it out somehow.

Fingers crossed my dog doesn't come out of the groomers looking like this.

I want a refund - dog bad hair day



mom said...

omg, i almost fell out of my chair laughing this morning. I seriously have tears running down my face like when someone (??) kept falling into the lake to wash her hands off.

Cori H. said...

Wow! What a crazy morning! Crossing my fingers that Bella doesn't come out looking like that picture. :)

Sami said...

Haha sorry you had such an eventful morning! Surely that means that the rest of your day will be smooth sailing. We can only hope :)
Is it sad that I think that doggie actually looks kind of cute like that? I mean I wouldn't want my dog to look like that but still!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

lol sorry this has to suck for you but this gave me a sweet little laugh today ...;)

Anonymous said...

Rough morning for you and Bella! I hope she had a relaxing time at the spa and that you treated yourself to some Starbucks or Sonic.


K said...

My dog had similar symptoms and he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It was treatable with meds. Just something that you might want to look out for......I hope she had a relaxing time at the doggie day spa:)