Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's letters


I've decided to link up again with my new favorite, Friday's Letters....

Dear Sonic- thank you for making my afternoons sweeter with your happy hour and cheery limeades...except for that one time you didn't change out the sprite and the carbonation was gone...that was disgusting and I do not thank you for that. Dear Goldies-Thank you letting me come over and raid the pickle bar and not judging me when I request pickles and ranch and crackers. Dear season finale of Grey's Anatomy- Really, Lexie Grey...why?? Dear Margaritas- I think I may just have one or two this weekend. Dear Bella-Please stop being OCD and scratching all your hair off...your going to look like a possum soon. Dear neighbor that drives the loud redneck lifted truck-You are loud and annoying and your truck is multiple colors and takes up half the road, you drive me nuts. Dear bloggy friends-Have a wonderful weekend.


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Ashley Slater said...

awww you have a bella too! I am sorry she is scratching her hair off! She must have dry skin or something-- if she does try an oatmeal pet shampoo, it really helps! Loved all your letters, thanks for linking up with me this week!