Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've learned, in my twenties....

I did an age post the other day about 30 things you should know before your 30...only to realize that, "Hey...I'm still in my it, late twenties...but still twenties, dammit."

So, I then decided I need to honor my twenties with a post.

I've heard from all over that people say "You grow in your twenties", "You learn and figure out who you are, what you want to be, who it is you want to be with."

It's basically a lot of you's.

and yes, I can attest to all of the above being true.

Now, mind you...I still have 3 years left in my twenties...and I know for a FACT that I will learn even more about life and who I am by the time I turn 30...but I thought I would go ahead and write a couple things that I have learned thus far as a twentysomething gal.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the best part of my twenties...the part where you are about to graduate college and have all these plans made with your best friend... that those plans would not happen. Never did I think that at 22 I would hear that my best friend,who was 23, had cancer. Never did I think I would spend the next 18 months watching this beautiful, young, vibrant girl fight for her life only to lose her battle with a disease that is beyond our control.

That was the first time ever in my life I have watched someone fight so hard with all they had. She showed me what real true strength and faith and love was. To this day, she is the reason I give 100% in volunteering for Relay For Life. Little did I know that later in my twenties, that moment, the moment she told me she had cancer, would so strongly shape the person I would grow to be. 

I have learned that it's OK to not follow that boy. I have learned that you have to go with not only what your heart tells you, but that little thing called a brain. Not listen to what other people are telling you should or should not do, saying things like, "he was right for me and that I should stop being so picky." I learned that it's perfectly OK to stick to what it IS that I know in MY heart is right.
That was the first moment of my twenties that I knew I couldn't change myself and who I am for some boy.
That one day, the man I am meant to marry will come along and love me for who I am and not expect me to change. Now, that man...who will love me for me...I will move anywhere and whenever for him.
(as long as it's no where cold...I just don't like the cold)
In a heartbeat.
I know that now.

That laughter really does solve everything in the world. Whether it be a night out with my closet girlfriends having the time of our lives...or looking back at old photos of times shared with those who are no longer with us. Laughing through good times and bad is what life is about.
Laughter soothes the soul.

I've learned to not date guys I meet at biker rallies.
Or to date motor-cross guys...or just said motor-cross guy in particular.

That red dirt music is good for the heart, mind, body and soul.
That a guy who loves Jesus, his momma, OSU and knows how to my kind of guy.

That little brothers grow up and go off to college and start their own journey at discovering who they are and the man they are meant to be...but when they come home to see their sister...they are still the same little boy that always melted my heart. That it's ok to let him grow up and to make mistakes...because you once made the same mistakes at his age...but he'll learn from them...that's what your twenties are for.

I learned in my twenties that friendship really can carry you through anything. That it's work. Just like any relationship, all the friends have to work at it to stay in touch. I've learned that no matter what life brings us, we always come together. 
Friendship...that's the best medicine.

I've learned to love wine.
I'm more of a mature drinker now that I am older.
Tequila doesn't quite go down as easily as it did when I was 21 or 26.

That you might not always get your dream job right away....but it's the notsogood jobs that will lead you to your dream job, or to your new friends, or to your husband...I have learned you might not like where you are at that time...but you are there for a reason. Whatever it may be.

I've learned God has a plan for you.
To trust and  to have faith

I've learned in my 20s...that when life gets tough...because it does, when your heart gets broken...because it will, that when things don't always go your way...because it won't....that it's just the way it is.
It's not always perfect or pretty or wrapped in a bow
But it's your life and you are only in your 20s one you should embrace it for all it's worth and enjoy the ride.



mom said...

love the blog today! The love between my two children always brings a tear and a huge smile. Love you both with all my heart.

Yes, sometimes life will throw you a hardball and it will smack you but you will find a way to recover from it and move on at your own pace.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog today! Loved my twenties and loved being apart of your twenties! I look forward to my thirties and also look forward to being apart of your thirties in the future :)


Tiffany said...

Love this. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Makes me want to delete mine because yours is so much better!

~Miss Football

The Payne's said...

I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner and wanted to say hello to a fellow Alabama friend!

Marshall said...

Such wisdom! Spoken so beautifully.

Life in Transition said...

What a lovely, honest post.

Jodie said...

I love this, and I love you!!!