Monday, April 30, 2012

Relay For Life 2012 Re-cap

Helllooooo my long lost loves!

Yes, I'm talking to all those in bloggy land...I want to first and foremost apologize for being a bad blogger/blogger friend.

I promise to blog more, read/comment on y'alls blogs(because I miss reading them so so much), respond back to comments and emails.

I feel like I have missed so much from just popping in here and there in the blog world. 

For starters...when did blogger change and why did it take me a good ten minutes to figure out just how to post this? WTH.

Second, I want to apologize to all my family, friends, doggies, my real housewives, mob wives, working out, running...all of the above for being a crazed person for the last four or five months....Relay For Life...was my life, but as of last Friday...I know have my life back...because I am done with RFL....well, until this fall...but still. 

Let me just say that I love volunteering for the American Cancer Society's biggest fundraiser. I love my committee...well most of them, my team captains, my ACS staff, my fellow Relayer's from across the High Plains division...I loved being a Co-Chair....HOWEVER, I have never been more crazed, exhausted, over-whelmed, etc. etc. all my life.

To all my friends and family, I fear that when I plan my wedding someday...I may or not become a bridezilla. Just sayin'
If planning a wedding is anything like planning an entire Relay...than I apologize in advance.

With all this being said, I had the BEST time ever being a first time Co-Chair. All the stressing, planning, me being crazy was all worth it in the end. If I do say so myself...the event was a fact, not to toot my own horn or anything...but word on the street was this was the best RELAY they have ever been too.

Goal accomplished.

I know that what I did, was just a small part in the fight against cancer...but to me, it means more. I started volunteering for Relay in memory of my best I continue to Relay for every single survivor, caregiver, and volunteer I come in contact with.  It's in my heart, it's in my soul to do what I do with Relay.

I will say that I had a blast dressed like an 80's rock star.

Anytime I can wear a pink tutu and get away with it...I am all about it!

Relay taught me a few things this year....

To accept that people will let you down....sad, but true.
Some people will surprise you and go above and beyond.
I enjoy wearing a tutu...actually I kinda already knew that.
I can hula hoop through the entire Steve Miller song, "Joker"
Dance party at 3:00am is the only way to stay awake....
that and three cups of coffee.
that I can't wait to do this all over again...craziness and all.



Tiffany said...

So proud of you! Love the outfit and the pictures. Adorable!

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a successful Relay! I think you should make the pink tutu a daily staple in your wardrobe. :)


Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

awww this is sweet!! so i have to THANK you for introducing me to the Pioneer Woman.. i have never heard of that until i seen it on your blog and I am in love with her cookbooks!!! Thanks AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Loved the TUTU and Loved Relay this year! I must say it was the best one I have ever been to! You did such an amazing job and were an amazing chair!!


AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

Amazing cause and congrats on Co-Chairing and a successful fundraiser. I am involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and absolutely love it. We need more young folks out there advocating to help fight all cancers. Good for you for doing what you do!

- American Bridget

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Its nice to have you back :) & looks like you had a blast @ the walk :) which btw was for a good cause :)love it!