Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a few thoughts


Just stopping in to chit chat for a few minutes...I am really good at chit chatting...I just got done doing an interview for my local paper about Relay For Life and I think I talked the poor reporter lady's ear off for the last hour.

What can I say, I have always been good at talking...and I love Relay!

In other news, I am very excited that I finally have INSTAGRAM on my phone. I got an email just now saying that it is now available for Android users. I downloaded that baby in uber speed...now I can take fun photos like everyone else.

One problem, exactly how do I use this Instagram thingy??

The weather here in the Okie state has been won-der-ful...I mean...perfect 70 to 80 degree temps..a girl can get used to this. So, I took advantage of it, and on Sunday I went and got my fishing license. I took my pink fishing pole, my tackle box and my mom(she got a fishing license too) and we went fishing.

The only things I caught were the sticks in the water and the tree next to me...but next time...I am going to catch a big one...I can feel it!

OTH series finale comes on tomorrow night. LOVE that show. I have cried at every single episode this season...I just know I will be a crying fool on the very last one. I can not believe it's actually going to be over. I remember watching OTH in the big room at the sorority house...oh, how those were the days.

Speaking of sorority...just this weekend at least three of my former sister announced they were preggers via facebook...how would we ever know anything if it wasn't for social networking?

My baby brother turns 19 tomorrow...I can not believe it. He's getting old, which in turn makes me old...which makes me sad...which in turn reminds me that I am single and alone...which then probably drives me to drink a glass bottle of wine.

I am absolutely starving and the only thing that sounds good is fried pickles. Of course something fried would sound good, because I am trying NOT to eat fried foods. 

I am trying to think of anything else that y'all need to know, since I haven't blogged in forever...but really my life has been rather boring as of late.

I have decided though, I need to go on a date...but in order to do that, one needs a boy to ask one out...and how does one get that to happen??

Thoughts, ideas? Help a single lady out.

Ok, I think I have rambled and jumped from one topic to the other enough for one day.


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